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We all know the struggle of getting leads in any kind of business and it can be pretty darn frustrating to lend useful leads. With email marketing, that may not be the case, in fact, email marketing might be the best way to capture meaningful leads.

Screw Ads, forget about paying for leads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or whatever publisher network you plan to use.

Email Marketing is free and anyone with a website can do it.

Okay – you don’t “need” a website, but I recommend you have one.

If your business doesn’t have a website yet, I recommend you check out how to make one in this definitive guide on how to make a WordPress website.

It is dead easy to make a website, you don’t even need to know how to operate a Cellphone to be able to make a website in 2023.

With a website up and running, you can leverage all these resources you can provide to capture the emails of your website visitors.

And the best way to do that is by providing a free resource as we do.

Check out our downloads page we have a couple of PDFs that we give out for free to our readers (you).

It might be hard to make a free product but, trust me, it is worth it. We’ve gotten quite a number of emails through those downloadable resources.

Enough talking about the how, let’s dive deep into ways to grow your business with email marketing.

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Promote your new products or services

This is a pretty obvious one.

Sending an email campaign is the best way to advertise a new product or service. In your email, don’t forget to list the advantages of your product or service.

Not just that – tell people a story on how your product can solve a particular problem. Show them a testimonial or something.

Make them feel as if they are missing out!

Be creative!

Learn how to sell if you have to. I personally believe that knowing how to sell is one of the best skills any business owner can have.

(Back to the email thingy)

Your email is more likely to have an impact if your customers get some sort of value out of that email. What do they benefit from the email, from your product, from your service, etc?

You can provide a limited-time discount voucher with an expiration date to encourage your contacts to take action.

It is also good practice to avoid including too many calls to action in a single email. It’s disastrous, you usually end up not getting a click at all.

Ideally, you should only introduce one brand-new good or service, together with a single promotion. A new product, for instance, might have a 20% discount and a “Buy Now” call to action at the bottom of the offer.

Don’t try to fit your entire e-commerce store in that one email.

Educate your customers

Sometimes a cold sales pitch isn’t enough.


Sometimes customers just don’t even understand why they should buy your product, they’ll be like – “mm I don’t know if I need this”

They might not even know if they need your product or not and the best way to educate them about your product or service is by doing an email campaign.

Email marketing is a fantastic technique to inform and update your clients about your company.

Inform people about the things you are doing to make your products and customer experience better. Inform your customers about events and available programs.

Inform your customers of ways they might benefit more from your goods and services.

Give answers to frequently asked questions and advice on how to get the most out of your items.

And that’s just about it!

Increase your website traffic

In whichever business craziness you are conducting, you definitely need web traffic.

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by sending out a monthly newsletter. It is an absolute must if you own an online store.

By pointing your clients to a blog post, you can also educate them extremely effectively. Making careful to gauge the effect of a mailing on your sales is crucial.

You’ll need to make ongoing content adjustments to ensure that it remains pertinent for your audience in light of those figures.

Organize a contest

Most people love to compete in contest or games held online when there is a price.


(there’s always a but isn’t it)

But how will your audience know that you have an ongoing contest on your website, or in your company.


You think Google is going to rank you content in 1 day. And besides, you most preferred target audience for an online contest are you existing customers.

And you guessed it, the fastest way to learn them know that you have an ongoing contest is through an email marketing campaign.

Contest are a great way to grow your business, having your audience slash customer engage with you and each other, just creates that trust and builds up your brand credibility.

If you haven’t done it yet. Create a contest in your website – it might be a quiz or something and have the winner get a free product from your store and done.

It doesn’t have to be a product from your store. You can offer your company swag – like a hoodie with your company logo in it.

It’s genius marketing!

Increase your brand awareness

Are you an Android or Apple user…?

You see right there, now that’s what I call brand awareness. (Apple against the world)

Apple has increased its brand awareness to the extent that now every Apple user in the world is its ambassador.

They didn’t reach that level only through email marketing, but they utilized other marketing channels as well.

Given that people enjoy sharing useful information with their friends and family, email marketing is another crucial strategy you can use to increase brand awareness.

You can develop an email that highlights the advantages of your brand and distribute it to your email list to raise brand awareness for your company.

If your leads and customers recognize the value (just like Apple – not exactly but yeah you get the point), they will tell their family and friends about your emails.

To acquire more deals and coupon codes, you can entice your subscribers to share emails and go to your social media accounts.

One last thing 😑

I am an Android user!🔥🔥🔥🔥

Connect with the target audience

By sending your target customers emails on a regular basis about your offers, discounts, new items, events, etc., email marketing can help you remain in touch with them.

This will help them remember your company.

WHO doesn’t want to be remembered? The is even a word for leaving your mark behind – Legacy!!

Your target audience will continue to interact with you if you send them relevant emails on a frequent basis.

They will use your items and recommend them to their friends and relatives.

And that’s if your product is good enough. Create a great product that solves a problem, that’s all there is to it.

Promote your existing products and services

You can use email marketing to advertise your current goods and services. You can create a stunning and expert email that highlights the advantages of your products.

Describe how your products outperform those of your rivals. Your prospects and customers will frequent your website and store to make more purchases if you can persuade them that your product is superior and more reasonably priced.

Because hey! WHY NOT

Don’t forget to segment your email list and send existing promotion to new sign ups. You can use a tool like HubSpot to manage all your customer relations.


One of the finest ways for business owners to expand their brand is through email marketing.

Email marketing is a cost-efficient and efficient technique to enhance client loyalty, attract additional business possibilities, and produce more leads.

And A bunch of other cool stuff.

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