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You’ll quit, yes if your blog is not getting enough traffic and not making money in any way, you will probably burn out and quit blogging. If you’re a beginner there are a lot of mistakes you are bound to make and the honest truth is, it is hard to recover from those mistakes once you make them, hence the importance to know the mistake and hack your way to the top and blog like a pro by avoiding all these beginner blogging mistakes.

Blogs are important these days, for individuals, they are a plan B, you know maybe a hobby but I don’t believe that, when you start a blog, you’re probably trying to make money online and quit your nine to five job, if you even have a job or promote your brand which is known as content marketing and if you’re a company you are trying to get audience and build a relationship with your audience for more conversions. I guess it all comes down to money.

Well, here are the most common blogging mistakes beginner bloggers make and how to avoid them.

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Niche Purgatory

Now what the hell is niche purgatory, Lyncteck defines niche purgatory as writing down content for every being that is on the internet, basically writing posts about everything and trying to drive all google search traffic to your website.

This is probably the most common mistake newbie bloggers make. They tend to write blogs about everything they know in an effort to get more traffic or to monetize with affiliate marketing as much as they can. You have to avoid this by all means, people don’t like spammy websites.

Don’t blog about cellphones today and tomorrow you blog about cooking after that you blog about fashion, imagine your self as the website visitor, now would you trust content written on that website, of course not. It’s a no brainer.

I’ve seen many beginner bloggers make this mistake, my advice would be for you to choose a sub niche or at least one niche to specialize in. When doing this try not to pigeonhole yourself into a small niche you’ll probably run out of topics from and start suffering from traffic loss.

Here’s a trick, say you like tech, you like devices so the ideal blog for you would be about cellphones, now that is a sub niche but note it’s also still okay to start writing about smartwatches and cellphone accessories, maybe laptops too but going ahead and writing about drones and perhaps TVs, no stop!!! That right there is what we call niche purgatory, don’t write about everything under the sun that has a motherboard.

Having trouble choosing a niche, here’s our list of the most profitable niches in blogging, it will definitely help you to choose your niche and a profitable one too.

Early Monetization

You have just 1 post, one post guys and you already have ads on your website, even on your homepage……Not just that you have too many affiliate links spammed across that article and you want to make money right away.

That is probably the worst mistake you can make as a blogger, come to think of it, I should have placed it on position one.

When starting a blog, you don’t focus on monetization, I know everyone wants money right, you have to be patient, as we always say, blogging is not a get rich quick money scheme, it takes time you, and need to be committed. In the first three months we encourage you not to focus too much or at all on monetization, it will slow down the growth of your blog and those affiliate links you are rushing to get will start paying off years later.

Here’s what to do in the first three months of your blogging career.

Focus on content and link building. That’s it, nothing more, just content and link building and some bit of SEO to make sure your blog is visible to search engines. You have to dedicate yourself in creating backlinks to your website as this is a really crucial ranking factor for your SEO, link building also gets your brand out there and also increase your domain authority.

When you consult with other bloggers and feature on podcasts. This ultimately means more traffic to your website and more traffic means more cash, PLEASE NOTE! cash comes after traffic, stick that to your head. You don’t get to convert affiliate links with just a couple of 100 visitors a month from your website, it is impossible, unless of course you told your buddy to buy the Astra theme using your affiliate link, otherwise it won’t work guys.

The other thing to also focus on is content writing, you have to know how to write good content, and that too, publish your content consistently which brings us to the third blogging mistake new bloggers make.

Blogging Inconsistently  

Many if not all YouTubers and bloggers on the internet be telling you to post 1 article a week….? No way that’s legit, trust me, it’s possible they are telling you that to eliminate you as competition. Get this, when you start a blog you’ll be competing with the likes of Forbes, Market Watch, and Business Insider, those sites post like 10 times a DAY and you stay back and chill and saying “that lovely YouTuber making 100k per month is telling me to post once a week,”

don’t listen to that,

To compete with big dawgs you have to post consistently, you have to post as they do, and obviously, when you are starting out, that will be impossible for you, so what I’d say is to have a content publishing calendar, guys consistency is key.

Post at least four times a week, it doesn’t really matter when to post but yeah do that and make sure your articles are SEO optimized.

Once a week really? you’ll take years to make your first $10 000 blogging and am sure that is every new blogger’s dream, I hear people talking about the American dream, that first 10k blogging must be it, surely.

Make sure your post has catchy headlines, your goal is to catch traffic from google search and without a catchy headline or topic, you won’t get any traffic from organic search. Do your keyword research and start writing engaging blog posts. And also use social media to drive some of their traffic to your website especially Pinterest, twitter also does well for us.

Absence of an email list

Guess what even if you have really bad posts and there are people who will love your content and would like to be notified when you post a new article. We all want to keep our fans and those readers shouldn’t have trouble coming back to your website.

An email list solves this simple problem, just go to Mailchimp or something and create an account and start capturing emails of your readers who love your content using a plugin from WordPress.

Believe it or not people still use emails, most people actually love emails. Now that you have their emails, don’t go around spamming their inbox, the last thing you want is to be marked “spam” right. Share valuable content through emails,

Emails will also be important if you start affiliate marketing and you don’t want to be marked spammed before you can monetize on that traffic.

Go start capturing emails on your website nowwww!!!!!

Not Prioritizing SEO

Now what is SEO, and why should you prioritize it. SEO is an abbreviation which stands for Search Engine Optimization and yeah it means what it says. Optimizing your website for search engines such as Bing, google, Yandex, Yahoo (if it still exists) and others I don’t know about.

By optimizing we mean to say, making your website visible to search engines and for that it has to be crawlable. To optimize your website there are tools you need to use for that matter. Let me help you with the steps because this is really important, otherwise you will be writing content for yourself and you won’t get that free organic traffic.

Install an SEO plugin, doesn’t really matter which one, but you won’t go wrong with these three

  • Rank Math SEO
  • Yoast SEO

These plugins will do all the work for you, they will automatically tell google about new pages you create and that means you won’t have to manually request for crawling. They also will help you target keywords you want to rank for in search results.

Add your website to google search console and Bing webmaster tools and all other web master tools other search engines have. After that submit your website sitemaps to these search engine tools.

After you do all that, you will be set start appearing and ranking better than before on search results.

Publishing Short Content

Don’t publish a post of less than 1500 words. That is our threshold for posts we write here at Lyncteck, the updated so-called “Google Algorithm” now takes content length into consideration when ranking blog posts.

Sucks, right? I know so, hire writers from websites like freelancer or Upwork or any other websites you can get writers from. Those writers are quite skilled they write “for” the search engine and their blog posts are always optimized to rank better on google search results. Get them to write articles for you, they are quite cheap, you can get a good 6 000-word article for around $100.

When you get those articles don’t just publish them, edit and make them more reader friendly not just Search engine.

Alternatively, you can use AI writing tools like and Jarvis, just to mention a few. Those tools are getting better and better every day. By using them your posts will have solid facts crawled from the internet. Make few edits and make a great blog post and that too fast,

That’s the trick, that is the only way to compete with the likes of Forbes, by using AI writing tools you can manage more than 14 blog posts per week and that is sick.

Not Promoting Your Content

Lastly, promote your content guys, this is one simple blogging mistake, new bloggers make. Its simple to go around this. When you don’t promote your content, no one will even notice your blog posts. You will be writing for yourself.

Now, there are many channels to promote your content, our favorite which is Pinterest.

That’s right, social media. When we say promote, we don’t imply on buying Ads, Ads will only generate temporary traffic and they are not that effective. The best way to get traffic is using free social media channels. Sign up for every social media platform you know and start posting your blog posts on those platforms.

Here’s a list of social media platforms that usually drive traffic to your website.

  1. Pinterest
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram
  5. Tiktok

Just publish everywhere you know; you will start seeing traffic floods storming your website.


Everyone makes mistakes, every blogger does, it will be cool to avoid most of the mistakes that are listed in this article and your blogger will have increased odds of survival.

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