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Every kind of business requires the necessary tools to run at maximum capacity. Blogging is also a business, if you don’t see it as a business then you should start today. A lot of people are told to view blogging as sort of a passion project and that is why over 90% of bloggers fail. Treat your blog as a startup and that startup as your passion – it’s that simple!

Best blogging tools revealed!

We use a lot of tools to run our blog, some of them are paid and some of them are free tools. I’ll list every single tool we use to run the blog, but before we start you should know that to expect to earn anything from your blog you should invest a little bit of money.

Don’t worry it’s not a lot of money though – just a couple of hundreds per year.

Some blogging software tools are unavoidable, take hosting for example, how can your blog run without a hosting provider – impossible right? And some software tools for blogging aren’t that necessary but you need them for growth – like email marketing tools. There are free alternatives though – I’ll show you later in this article.

Please note, some of these tools may not be the best in the industry but we use them on a daily basis and they are good enough to keep us subscribing that is good review enough.

Excited to know how we run our blog?

Let’s get started.

Our content is reader-supported. This means if you click on some of our links, then we may earn a commission and that will help us create more free content for you. Read Full Disclosure here.

Affiliate Disclosure

Hosting Provider

My guess is, you probably have your hosting provider for your website and this section might appear irrelevant but it’s not. Times have passed and you are now able to migrate your website from one hosting provider to another. So if you are not satisfied with your own hosting provider then here are some options that you should consider.


The first one is Bluehost, we don’t use Bluehost for lyncteck but dammn we like their hosting a lot. Personally, I haven’t used Bluehost yet but I have them on my bucket list. I’ve seen a lot of “create an X website using WordPress” tutorials all use WordPress to demonstrate how to create a certain website. WordPress comes with a lot of features and it is by far the most beginner-friendly hosting provider you can get. I saw some reviews about how good their new dashboard is, it’s not every day you hear someone praising a dashboard UI, it must be really good.

Besides the dashboard UI, and a whole lot of amazing features, Bluehost has a really good community, throw a stone anywhere you hit a Bluehost customer. This means you will never run out of help and you can easily find your way out of issues.

You can check our full review of Bluehost here.


As for lyncteck we use Hostinger.


Because it’s cheap as f@#% I mean seriously your day’s evening meal is more expensive than Hostinger. We are talking prices starting from less than $2.00 per month. That’s how cheap they are and besides that, they provide decent hosting we haven’t encountered any problem yet, but we will inform you guys about it. Follow us on social media to ride along our blogging journey.

Bluehost is almost as cheap with a difference of about $1 for the starting price for 1 month of hosting.


If you want Premium Hosting with insane site speeds we recommend Kinsta. Sign up now and if you opt for the yearly plan you get two months free. Kinsta is the best premium hosting provider for WordPress. With premium hosting you don’t have to worry about anything – the company manages everything for you.

What do they manage?

Your PHP version, updating your WordPress to match the latest PHP version, basically your website will never crash because of incompatibility issues when working with Kinsta. I might as well say – your website will never crash at all, and you also get daily backups. Cool right?

Get Kinsta hosting now!


That’s it for hosting, get your cheap domain name from – has the cheapest domain names you can get.

Oh, they also provide hosting for WordPress Websites if you’re interested. They use cPanel which is relatively user-friendly. You can check out their hosting plans here.

Email Marketing Tools

Is your blog still new?

Don’t make the common mistake I see beginner bloggers make of not collecting emails from day 1. Emails are really important in the growth of your blogging business. The more you have the better. Emails ensure that you have almost consistent traffic flowing into your website every month provided you are using the right tools to share your new articles and promotions with your email subscribers.

Before we talk about the tools, let’s talk about how you can collect the emails of your readers. You are reading this blog, which makes you a reader too. So what can I do to possibly captcha your email? Which bait can I use to earn your trust?

Writing extra good content is one way of doing it. Your content has to be top-notch and have me telling my mind “shit I have to read more of this dude’s articles”. It is simple to write extra good content actually, all you have to do is write something of value that is nowhere else on the internet, I figured if I used the term “unique” you all will overlook its meaning, so write content that is nowhere else on the matrix, when writing reviews, write them relative to your experience.

People like to read articles based on a true story, so provide one – you might even get backlinks to your website by doing so.

The other way of doing it is to offer a free resource in exchange for your email. That is probably the easiest and fastest way to grow your email subscribers. People like free stuff, don’t you like freebies, of course, you do. Who doesn’t?

Use a tool like ConvertKit or HubSpot to create pop-up or slide-in forms with Free resource notifications to your users. You will get a couple of new subscribers by doing so.

You can use a WordPress plugin like EasyDigitalDownloads to run downloadable resources on your WordPress website.

Here are the email marketing tools you can use to boost your email subscribers.


The first and best tool to use is HubSpot. All in one marketing tool for not just bloggers but big companies too. HubSpot has a plugin that allows you to create multiple forms of form – wait what?

Forms of forms 😂 well I didn’t expect it to come out that way but hey what I meant to say is

Hubspot has a plugin that lets you create various types of forms to help you captcha your readers’ emails and they are very easy to set up.

Hubspot makes it easy for you to manage your leads, in fact, I’ve never seen any other email marketing tool that is packed with all marketing tools in an all-in-one package.

best blogging tool - HubSpot lead

Just look at the UI, a very detailed view with everything you need to know about your lead in position.

With HubSpot, you can create emails right from your dashboard and send it to specific subscribers you want, you can send old emails to your new subscribers and have the new subscribers receive new information. You can easily manage all this right from your dashboard by using advanced filters.

HubSpot also gives you free and pro email templates you can use to make professional looking newsletters. These forms come with a lot of customization options, you can make them resemble your blog.

best blogging tool - HubSpot template

Moving over to forms – All HubSpot forms you will create will automatically link to your lists in your account and given the spectrum of forms that HubSpot gives you, I’d say HubSpot is the go-to marketing tool for the best experience and easy-to-use marketing, I 100% recommend it, affiliate links aside this is indeed the best marketing tool on the market.

Writing Tools

You should stay away from writing tools as a blogger.

No really, you should.

But since you asked here are the best writing tools you can use in your blog. As a blogger, you should use these tools as some kind of writing assistant, not copying directly from ChatGPT and pasting into your blog and then hitting publish.

Nooo. Google doesn’t like that and I read an article saying Google is doing the best it can to fight off plagiarised and AI content.

If your blog is new, AI content might be the reason your website is being rejected by Google AdSense. We’ve been through there.

Here are two popular writing tools that we partly use to enhance our content.


CopyAi is the best copywriting tool for lazy bloggers, you can use it to generate an entire blog post without doing anything. Well, except for putting the title and description of course but that’s it, no more input.

This AI tool has a lot of features, you can use to generate Twitter Threads and tweets, very handy tool to generate content ideas for your social media as part of social media marketing

You can try out CopyAI Pro for 7 days – No credit card is required.



Frase has a group of free tools that you can use to write an awesome blog post. These free tools include an introduction generator, title generator, outline generator, listicle post generator and much more.

I’ve used Frase mainly for generating catchy headlines and I think they do a great job. The titles I generate using Frase usually hits above 70 score on the MonsterInsights Headline analyzer which is also another little feature that comes with this analytics plugin.

Frase can also work like surfer SEO in assisting you to write for the search engine and balancing your keyword density in your content.

Try Frase’s free tools and you can always upgrade if you like them.


This one is a little better as compared to CopyAI in the sense that, in this case, you have control over your content, and you determine what the next sentence will be. It’s hard to tell if the content you wrote with Jasper is even AI-generated.

Jasper will write as you type, what this AI tool does, is predict the next sentence based on what you are typing. This allows you to write content, I’d say 10x faster than good old regular content writing. With CopyAI you don’t write the content, the AI tool does it for you.

Jasper is a really great option if you like to control what you write and most of the time Google won’t flag it as AI Content.

Get 10,000 bonus credits when you sign up with this link here.

Designing Tools

We hired a professional graphic designer on Fiverr for our blog thumbnails and social media posts.

F#$@ No.

Not, when there is Canva.

Canva can do anything for you in under 5 minutes. You can create YouTube Thumbnails, Infographics, social media posts, banners, flyers, some shit stuff for your webinars basically anything that would require photoshop, Canva’s got you.

And you can design anything in under 5 minutes, not just anything but professional looking designs. Visit our Instagram @lyncteck and see for yourself.

At first glance, you might say someone at lyncteck is very good at designing or we are firing all cylinders on Fiverr looking for design freelancers.

All you have to do is create a free Canva account and use their templates to make whatever design you want to make. Change the colors, and add your logo and font. Done

Now publish the thing.

Social Media Marketing Tools

What is a social media marketing tool and why the heck would I need it if I can just post shit all by myself.

Well, it is really important, because without some of the social media marketing tools, no one is going to notice your posts and all your efforts will be in vain. In order for your social media posts to reach a wider audience, you are going to have to learn about social media marketing and have the necessary skills to grow your social media following.

At the beginning of every blog, social media is the one that drives the most traffic to that blog, and funny enough, for us, at the moment Twitter is our best referring social media platform. Weird right most people would expect Pinterest or Facebook to do so but turns out any platform just has the platform to refer any amount of traffic.

Now how do social media marketing tools help?

  • They schedule the posts for you – Timing is important on social media as your posts just have a very limited timeline.
  • They give your posts more exposure – Think about the amount of digital population you can reach.
  • Managing all your social media platforms from one place – Which is great.


For all your Pinterest fans out there, did you know about this platform?

If you didn’t then congratulations mate, you just discovered a tool that can change your Pinterest Game. When I started using this tool, I noticed a change in my Pinterest account, I started getting views and saves to some of my pins.

Tailwind allows you to join Pinterest communities within your niche and start posting your pins there. The Groups usually have thousands of people in them and you all can guess the number of impressions you can get.

With the PRO version, you will be able to schedule your pins for a later date and time, remember – timing is important in social media marketing.

Pinterest has the greatest potential to drive massive traffic to your website because by default, all the posts have links associated with them and if you do your Pinterest SEO right, you can find yourself driving thousands of visitors per month from Pinterest to your website.

Tailwind App has some cool email marketing features also. You can add your contact lists via a CSV file and create an email newsletter from several templates and then send it to your audience. The tool has an AI content planner that helps you create promotions and posts based on the time of the year and holiday.

I can go all day talking about Tailwindapp but what I can tell you is, this tool is necessary if you are serious about driving some sensible amount of traffic to your website.

As of now we only use Tailwindapp, we will give you updates if we find something cooler.

Image Resources

There are many great websites to get free stock images for your website and social media posts, some require attribution, and some don’t, either way, you will never run out of image options.

These days there are even AI tools to generate any image based on any description you prompt in. For the most part, we use images already on Canva, like we said, we use Canva for everything visual on Lyncteck and we’re not going to stop now.

Canva has one of the best image libraries on the planet, you can find anything you want, some images are so good and have great information, that they look like an infographic.

If you don’t have a Canva account, for the last time – go create one, it’s completely free and you will have the whole graphic design game under control.

As for the website purely made for Images, here’s what we found.

The list goes on, am sure you will get all the images you want from there.

Storage Tools

Storage is one of the important blogging tools that you should have.


Does your blog have courses yet? If it does then you know what I mean. With a growing audience, you are going to need more storage to store the growing number of resources. The resources could be anything, an ebook, an infographic, a video and all those take up space. You don’t want to store them on your server as this will slow down your website really badly.

Online storage is cheaper than you think though. With Terabox you get 1TB of free online storage and they aren’t the only free option. You can try out google drive which gives you free 15GB of storage and many other free options.

Nothing specific to mention here, storage is just storage. Google Drive is probably the best and simplest to use.

WordPress Tools

WordPress, there is a good chance your blog is running on WordPress, if it’s not then I highly recommend you check out this post on how to start a profitable blogging business. WordPress is a clear winner in terms of the CMS for blogging.

A CMS is a content management system – kinda self-explanatory

Now knowing which best tools to use on your blog can be intimidating, in fact, knowing which tools to use at all.

Try searching for ” the best blogging WordPress theme” and see what you get.

A lot of different results ey, some put a theme say Astra on position 1 and some put it on the last option which can get confusing for the readers.

Stop getting confused by all these bloggers. The solution is simple. Do you like the design of our website? If you do then get the Kadence theme. This website is mainly for blogging. There you have the best blogging theme for 2023.

Here are the top plugins and themes we use and recommend.

The best Blogging Themes

Kadence is my favorite theme on WordPress at the moment, I haven’t found anything better, to be honest. I’ve used and changed between a lot of themes, since the beginning of this website. If you were following us from the start you can definitely see that we changed literally everything. Even the logo.

We had a false start with some random theme which didn’t work out and I changed to Astra which was a really good upgrade. I really loved the Astra theme, it came with a lot of features, I had the Pro version so I had a really good experience until some plugin had a conflict with some of my WordPress tools, I still don’t know which one exactly but I had to change a lot of things on the website and one of which was the Astra theme.

I know it had nothing to do with it but deep down I wanted a new look. I could have just changed the starter template and got a better one and stopped there but I wanted to have a completely new experience altogether.

By the time we changed to Kadence, the website came alive, it’s when we started to post more articles and became serious about the blog, part of which was motivated by the website look.

Astra and Kandence are the two best themes I know and have personally used. Keep in mind that I have worked with many different themes back in the day when I made WordPress websites for clients.

Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

What would be a list of the best blogging tools without mentioning the WordPress plugins we use?

Here is the list of plugins we use to run lyncteck.

  • SEO – we have Rank Math for SEO, I chose it over Yoast because it had a lot going on in the free version. We were on a tight budget during the first days.
  • Backup – since we use Kadence, it kinda made sense to use Backup Buddy as our buddy in case things go sideways.
  • Security – Pair iThemes Security Pro with Backup Buddy, and you are literally everything proof
  • Performance – WPRocket as the name suggests, let’s lift off! You can check out the full WP Rocket Review here.
  • Forms – WPForms is the best form builder for WordPress, it comes with a lot of integrations and form options.
  • Analytics – MonsterInsights is the best analytics plugin you can get on WordPress. It literally has no competition.
  • Page Builder – We recommend Elementor/SeedProd they are the best trust me.
  • Sharing – Social Pug, for the sticky floating social icons, they look good.
  • Schema Generator – Schema Pro from Astra, we have a full review of the plugin here.

That’s all for Plugins folks.


These are the best blogging tools to run any kind of blog, most of these tools we use them on a daily basis and we absolutely love them. If you enjoyed this article please don’t forget to share it with your friends.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, you better start one here.

Best Blogging Tools FAQ

What is the best WordPress theme for Blogging?

The Kadence theme is by far the best theme for your blog, because of it’s ease of use and that it has a lot of features that are useful to bloggers like customizing your posts page. A lot of these features come for free.
You can check out the best free WordPress themes other than Kadence here

What is the best marketing Tool?

HubSpot. It is the ideal tool for any size marketing launch since it is so simple to use and very adaptable. This incredible platform has made it easy to execute any marketing plan you can imagine, including pay-per-click campaigns, pop-up ads, social media marketing, and webinar hosting.

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  1. I like this list of blogging tools here. Looking at your images list, I have used Pixabey here and there for images on guest posts since I use only my travel images for Blogging From Paradise. What a valuable, free resource for accessing a rich array of quality photos. Super blog post. Keep up the great work.

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