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If you’re using WordPress, then you know how important it is to have a plugin that can help you with SEO. There are many plugins that claim to be the best, but in our opinion, Schema Pro is the best schema plugin for WordPress. In this blog post, I’ll be giving you my honest review of the plugin and why I think it’s the best.

Schema Pro is the easiest way to add structured data markup to your website. Using Schema Pro, you can easily create and optimize your schema markup with just a few clicks.

Here’s why we claim it to be the best schema plugin for WordPress.

Before we get started, Schema Pro is a part of the Astra products by brainstorm force, if you like this plugin you might like the Astra theme and all the other products it comes with when you get the growth bundle.

Rating - 4.9/5
Easy to Use
Schema Pro 100%
Schema Pro 86%
Schema Pro 100%
Customer Support
Schema Pro 97%


Schema Pro is made with non-techies and normal WordPress users in mind. The click and select interface lets you create and implement a schema markup in minutes. 


Optimize your website for SEO, rich snippets, and Google Knowledge Graph.

Schema markup can help you rank better in search engines and get rich snippets in Google Knowledge Graph, including:

  • Rich Snippets for Products and Services
  • Local Businesses (Google, Bing)
  • Recipes (Google)
  • Music Albums (Google)
  • Movies & TV Shows (Google)

Schema Pro supports all types of schema you may think of and its really easy to set up, no code is needed for you to get started, I’d say its best for beginners and non-designers. They say “If you can send emails, you can use Schema Pro”

It also comes with a built-in Google Structured Data Testing Tool, so you can easily test your changes before you publish them. It’s very user-friendly and helps you to create the type of data that Google and other search engines love. Not just Search Engines, even the readers love it, it was made for them after all, structured data just looks trust-worthy, you have to win your readers trust right from the search results before they can even read your amazing content.


Use Schema pro with any theme or page builder

Schema Pro is compatible with all themes, page builders and hosting platforms. It works with WordPress 5.3 and up. Schema pro is also compatible with Yoast SEO, WPML and Polylang which means you can use Schema Pro on multi-lingual sites or WordPress networks.

It is also AMP compatible

Schema pro is AMP ready! With this plugin you can maximize your speed on Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) platform by adding all the right meta tags to your website.

The best Part, its all done automatically, auto-magically in this case.

Schema Pro creates the best markup for your website.

Schema markup is a way to add structured data to your website. It helps search engines understand the content on your site, which can help with SEO.

Schema markup is easy to add to your website, and it works with or without a plugin. You can use schema markup on any type of website, from a blog to an ecommerce site.

Schema markup gives you enhanced search results in Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and other search engine results pages (SERPs). It also helps search engines crawl your website more effectively by providing rich snippets that are displayed in the SERPs when someone searches for information about your business or product or service category names or types of reviews like “best restaurants near me” etc…

Schema Pro is the only tool that creates JSON-LD, RDFa, and Microdata schema types. It works with all themes and page builders to help you get the most from structured data on your website.

Now what Schema Pro does, is lift all the heavy weight and manual work for you, there is no need to do all this yourself, all you have to do is to just configure what you want and what you don’t.


Schema Pro comes in two pricing for the yearly or the life time once off payment. We’d recommend you get the one-time package which is $249 as of the time of publishing this article, you won’t have to keep paying yearly installments to Astra when you get this package.

It would be better still to get the Growth Bundle, all of the Astra products in one bundle and it also has two pricing tiers. The Once-off tier is $699, and its cheap in my opinion, considering you will be having all the Astra products.

  • Astra Pro theme
  • Convert Pro
  • Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor
  • Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder
  • Convert Plus
  • Spectra
  • Schema Pro
  • etc..

Astra will keep adding amazing products to the list no doubt.



Schema Pro is one of the most popular WordPress plugins when it comes to SEO. The plugin helps you to add schema markup to your website, which can improve your click-through rates and help you rank higher in search engines. Overall, I highly recommend this plugin if you’re using WordPress and you want to improve your website’s SEO.

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