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Theme hunting? It can be a shitty process, right? In this Kadence Theme review, I will show you whether the Kadence theme is the best WordPress theme in the market or not, its most use cases, and its top features to look out for, and hopefully end your theme search journey.

In my opinion, the Kadence theme is one of the most underrated WordPress themes out there.

Like for real though!

I don’t see it, in a lot of top 10 videos on YouTube, articles, or even social media.

I’ve heard a few big bloggers praise it though, Adam Enfroy recommends this theme and he has been working with WordPress for years.

Do you know who else recommends this theme?

Lyncteck, yes we do love this theme a lot, in fact, we use the darn thing!

Take a look around you (Browse other pages) See what you like.

Love how our posts are formatted? I do too and that is the Kadence theme in action.

Let’s dive deep into why we chose the Kadence theme and why it might be one of the best WordPress themes on the market.

kadence theme review - home

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What is the Kadence Theme?

The multipurpose WordPress theme Kadence is free to download, but it also has a paid edition that offers more options.

The Kadence theme is the main offering from the theme shop, whose name is likewise Kadence.

They presently provide the Kadence theme in addition to four other themes and a vast selection of plugins.

The most notable plugin is Kadence Blocks, a page builder that expands WordPress’s Gutenberg editor’s functionality.

Kadence Blocks is offered in both a free and a paid edition, just like the Kadence theme.

This page builder is surprisingly good, it comes with a template library of sections and a skeleton you can use on your website.

Kadence Blocks is so good that I can call it some sort of Elementor extension for Gutenberg. Honestly, I never thought I’d use Gutenberg for anything other than blog posts.

Well, I was wrong! I now use it to make even a homepage – thanks to Kadence Blocks

We’ve been using Kadence tools for a while now and I feel like am the most qualified person to tell you how they work and whether to use them or not.

With that said, definitely use Kadence tools. Amazing!

Kadence Theme Top Features

It’s time to talk about the top Kadence theme features that make the theme so special and loved among bloggers and other WordPress users.

kadence theme features

starter Templates

This is no longer special to see any theme have.

It’s a no-brainer that any theme has a starter template these days.

Are they good though?

Ye…..eah, maybe. Most of them are good, but not as good as the ones provided by the Astra theme.

You can work with them though, they are just ordinary-looking templates, nothing too fancy.

The other thing to note is that Kadence provides fewer templates than its competitors. Not all bad though because the theme has a lot of cool customization features to cover up for that.

kadence starter templates

Page Builder Integration

The Kadence theme comes with preset starter sites for both Elementor and Gutenberg. Despite this, it is compatible with other page builder plugins, like Beaver Builder and Brizy.

The only distinction is that you’ll have to start from scratch if you use one of those page builders.

On the plus side, establishing a website with Kadence is relatively simple, so starting from scratch shouldn’t be too challenging.

Just something to keep in mind if you’re searching for a theme that offers a sizable selection of starter websites that are ready to use.

Header And Footer Builder

Currently, the Kadence theme’s free version allows you to add 8 different components to the header. Logo, major and secondary navigation, buttons, a search bar, a cart icon, social media links, and HTML are examples of these.

The Kadence theme’s premium version comes with 19 extra header components, including an accordion, contact elements, extra buttons, and more.

Other header choices include the ability to make the header transparent or sticky, meaning it will always be displayed regardless of how far down a visitor scrolls.

You can experiment with six different widget regions in the footer options. You can include any widget, your social media links, and a unique copyright notice at those places.

Customization Options

The Kadence theme doesn’t fall short when it comes to customization possibilities.

It provides an abundance of styling possibilities for each component of your website, which is uncommon among free themes.

The fundamental options for your website, including the design, colors, and fonts, can be changed. However, the Customizer also provides options for formatting your blog posts, WooCommerce products, header, and footer.

If you use Elementor with the Kadence theme, keep in mind that you have more customization choices accessible because Elementor has its own style settings for each element on the page.

Pros and Cons

What’s a review without the PROS and CONS

This is mostly the deciding part of any theme review there is. Now let’s take a look at what the Kadence theme brings to the table and what it takes away from the table 😂.


  • Lightweight, fast-loading theme
  • Full control over page layout with Kadence Blocks
  • Even the free version is packed with features – a lot of features.
  • Header and footer builders included even in the free version
  • Starter templates that speed up your development process
  • Reasonable pricing for the pro version and membership


  • A limited number of starter sites to choose from

Not much of CONS aren’t they?

Definitely one of the best WordPress themes on the market.


The theme has 3 pricing plans.

Most of you will be just fine with the free version, it comes with a lot of features, features that are only known to Pro users in some popular themes like Astra.

Here’s the pricing page from Kadence:

kadence theme review - pricing


It might be challenging for theme developers to produce something that truly stands out among the thousands of existing WordPress themes.

But Kadence is one of those exceptional themes that goes above and beyond and proves to be something remarkable.

And they proved that alright!

We started using the Kandence theme in 2022 after about 2 months of launching Lyncteck. Before Kadence I had tried a lot of themes, some worked some didn’t and when I used the Kadence theme after Adam Enfroy recommended it, I loved it. It is the best theme for blogging without a doubt.

Also, check out the Astra theme review – a really good competitor to Kadence.


Is the Kadence Theme Free?

Yes, the Kadence theme has a really generous free version that comes with a lot of features that are only known to PRO users in other themes.

Which one is better Kadence or Neve?

The Kadence theme is a little better than the Neve theme.
There are not that different though, you won’t go wrong with either one.

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