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So you wanna create killer blog content, that kind of blog content that will leave your readers going “shit I gotta show this to my friends” and also that kind of content that jaw-drops Google bots and ranks high on Google Search. In this beginner’s guide I will show you exactly how to write good blog content and gain more readers for your blog.

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What are the types of blog posts?

There are many but not so many types of blog posts that you can write to share your knowledge I am going to list them and explain how and when to use each of the types of blog posts

  • Reviews – At some point in your life you’ve searched for a product review on Google right! of course, you did, whether it’s a car review( I love those by the way ) or a software product review, or anything along those lines. To write a review post you better have at least used or seen the product you want to review in action. When you review a bad product and give it a triple-A rating just because you want to earn commission through affiliate marketing your readers are gonna be so “pissed”, not because they bought something bad, but because they trusted you too much and when your readers lose trust in your content, you are going to see down trends on your traffic. You write reviews when you share your experience on recently released or trading products. Read this article on how to write review posts.
  • Lists – Writing a list post is pretty easy actually, all you have to do is title it, the Top 10 best programming languages, and list the languages down giving a short description and use case for each. Nothing too fancy just make sure you number your lists, personally, I hate it when I come across an article that’s written: “top 10 beautiful places in the world” and the list isn’t numbered, I want to see the number 1 not some random unordered list.
  • How-to – Don’t forget to place images on those posts, I repeat, DON’T FORGET IMAGES. Everyone loves visuals which is why most people go to YouTube for such content because most bloggers don’t show images in their how-to posts. Also, it is important to number your steps and give a simple and detailed description of each step. Always keep your how-to posts updated, readers freak out when what’s on your post doesn’t show up on their screens.
  • Informational – Self-explanatory right, just give out as much information as you can. When someone is looking for information he/she is looking for information! All you have to do is to make sure the reader ends his/her search journey at your blog.
  • VS Posts – This is when you match and compare products head to head for instance “iPhone 13 Pro vs Samsung S21 Ultra” These type of posts usually converts high because clearly, the reader wants to buy the winner.
  • Alternate Posts – This is when you write for the reader who is looking for an alternative to some product that is either too expensive or he/she can’t access it. For instance, if you live outside of the US and you want to host your website in SiteGround but it’s not available in your region you’re probably gonna look for its alternatives like Hostinger or Bluehost for example.

There are many more types of posts but the ones I just shared are probably the only ones you gonna use. Others include Interview Posts, Debate posts, etc. Leave a comment on what I left out, I will keep updating the list.

Don’t be too professional

Have you ever bumped into a post that looks like it was written by some angry AI robot? I bet you did, now tell me did you read till the end? NO obviously and you don’t need that type of content in your blog.

To learn how to write good blog content you have to unlearn to be professional. Its completely natural readers usually want interesting content, human-like content, they want something that is welcoming and doesn’t look like a scam or that will make them feel like they are reading a study textbook.

It’s a blog, not a library. Write content that is engaging, include some bit of humor not too much just a bit, and make sure you don’t offend your readers, now remember you want as many readers as you can so you better treat them well.

Write as if you’re writing for your friend. Don’t go “Greetings” on your email list or “Hello how are you” that’s generic and boring as well.

Instead be like “hey John What’s popping, come check out my latest post.” personally I would bail out on an email like that. I’ll probably go and read the post because I feel like a friend to that blogger. Neil Patel does it and his blog has enormous traffic.

Your blog content structure

How you structure your blog is important. You must have a template for writing your blog posts. For instance, you can notice a similar blog post structure on our website we keep it uniform.

Here’s a guide on how to structure your content.

First of all, get a good looking custom featured image from Canva its free to design one, and it’s absolutely easy for beginners. Visit Canva

Write Catchy Headlines

To create killer headlines is the way to go, I’ve used it and I really love it. That way all your blog posts will have great headlines to snatch traffic from Google Search.

how to write good blog content

Keyword “Catchy” if it doesn’t get readers visiting your blog then it’s not catchy enough. There are many tools online that can help you write catchy titles by generating titles using AI. I know a free one by HubSpot I’ve used the free version, it is not good enough but that’s just my view go try it out it might just work for you.

I usually draft my own catchy headlines and if I see that its good enough to take my own attention then hey it’s good enough no need to buy a premium tool.

Divide your content into short paragraphs

Nobody likes reading a long paragraph that doesn’t have a break. The text will be too close together and readers naturally tend to feel bored by that type of content so it’s really important you divide your content into short paragraphs.

Look at how my paragraphs are, I write three or four or even five lines then I begin a new paragraph this even helps you not to repeat content, when you begin a new paragraph you’ll be forced to talk about something new, now you see how writing in short paragraphs is hitting 2 birds with one stone.

Where to get content

Brainstorm!!!, Brainstorm!!!

Brainstorm ideas, write them down on a piece of paper, or write a draft from your dashboard. Look for your main focus keyword, you found it! good heard to and use your main keyword to generate topic ideas, you can do it for free although the free version is limited for a start, it is good enough, that is how good frase is.

Got a topic headline superb! now all you have to do is spend some time researching the topic you want to write about and jot down points, and get as much information as you need.

Now start writing the post. Some ideas will come as you write the content, you’ll see that yourself and remember to follow all the guidelines I taught you.

How long should your content be?

The length of your content now matters since google updated their algorithm, not to say it all depends on your content length, NO! it doesn’t work like that, the length of your content is just a part of the factors that affect your ranking. The overall quality of your blog content is the one that matters.

To be safe though I advise you that your content should be longer than 1500 words at least. Not anything less than that. Your posts should also be optimized for SEO, check out our How to rank high on Google article it will help you optimize your website for SEO.

Last but not least share your content on all social media platforms. It helps a lot to add your website links to your bio on all your social media platforms. You’ll see people visiting your blog.


Good blog content yields better Google ranking and better google ranking means more traffic to your blog once you start getting traffic, monetize your blog. I advise you to only monetize your blog when you have adequate traffic.

Hopefully, after this article, you’ll start writing amazing content, leave a comment if you liked the article, and thank you for reaching this far.

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