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When you have a website or you are a blogger starting out, it is really important to know that Pinterest is one of those social networks that can potentially drive massive traffic to your website if done the right way. The right way isn’t that difficult to achieve, all you have to do is post frequently and know which pins to make and how to make them. The How to make Pinterest pins is what we will focus on, in this article.

Not all of us are designers and making a Pinterest pin can be a pain in the a$, given how complicated photoshop looks. Don’t get me wrong anyone can learn how to make Pinterest pins, social media posts, flyers, and posters on photoshop but not everyone has the time and patience to do it and if you’re that person then this article is for you.

No-code, No-labour, No-work tools are on the rise because of some AI (Artificial Intelligence) trends, and people really like those types of tools because they save massive amounts of time and let you focus on the more important stuff in your schedule rather than sitting 5 hours just to design a Pinterest pin that might not even get views if you mess it up. No one wants that!

In this article, I will show you exactly how to make Pinterest pins using a 100% free tool that is known as Canva.

Create a canva Account

First things first – Create a Canva Account it’s completely free, you can see below it’s written “sign up for free” and trust me, they ain’t kidding.

how to make pinterest pins - canva

With the help of expertly created templates and I mean expertly created templates, you can quickly and effortlessly create invites, business cards, brochures, lesson plans, Zoom backdrops, and more using the free visual design site Canva.

If you take a look at our social media profiles, you can see we have beautifully made posts and they look so custom that you might think we have an in-house graphics designer but we don’t, (at least at the moment) we do the designs ourselves and it is super easy to do so with Canva.

Sometimes the templates are so good and have relevant text in them that I only have to change the colors to my own color palette, it’s crazy.

When I first discovered the tool, I was doing a freelance gig designing flyers for some company – you know trying to earn some extra cash. The flyers were good, I got praise and deep down I was like – “If only they knew it took me less than 5 minutes to design that poster” But hey I couldn’t tell them, heck I was going to ruin my gig.

After some time and when this website was launched, we also launched a Pinterest account @lyncteck. All the posts you see in that account were made using Canva and we made a case study on the dimensions of posts that get the most impressions guess what, the portrait type of pins get the most impressions and I guess that comes down to most Pinterest Users being mobile users hence the portrait looks better on cellphones, Honestly even on Laptops.

Now with all that said let’s dive into the technical part of this article.

Add your Color Palette

If you don’t wanna keep referencing your hash codes for your brand colors every time you design a post then don’t skip this step. (still logged in to your Canva account) Go to the left sidebar and look for “Brand” And locate the Color palette.

how to make a pinterest pin on canva

Click on the + icon and add your color codes to Canva for easier referencing when you start making your Pinterest pins.

You will notice that with Canva Pro, you will be able to add more than just the color palette for your brand but also some logos, font style, and more.

Having all your post built on the same font and color palette can somehow increase your brand credibility and it looks good on Instagram 😊

Check this out!

lyncteck instagram account
@lyncteck Instagram Profile

Hopefully, now you get what I mean. Your posts should be built on the same theme, your followers will like that.

It’s time to learn how to make something like this 👇

@lyncteck Pinterest Account

How to make a Pinterest pin

Titling this “How to make a Pinterest pin” feels like an overstatement because with Canva we can’t call it making a Pinterest pin, its editing.

I mean for real, all we are going to do is change the color and text to whatever we want, and maybe add some extra element to get that custom look but basically, editing is what you do on Canva not creating.

Don’t feel bad – no one will ever notice you Canva’ed your designs and besides they look really professional. You saw our posts right?

We are not the only ones using Canva – A whole lot of people are and you will never notice that, chances we have the same design are really really low and that only occurs if both parties don’t change anything on the templates.

Here’s how you make a Pinterest pin.

First, you locate the search bar – make sure you’re on the homepage and you then search for Pinterest Pins

Canva Pinterest Pins

As you can see a lot of pins show up – almost 11,000 pins show up. Some of them are pro some of them are free but, they are already too many options for you to choose from in the free version.

The next step is to browse and select anyone you want.

You can even search the templates using a specific keyword like – “listicle” then some list-type pins show up and you can edit them as you like.

Let’s select a Pin to edit and meet on the next page.

canva - how to make a pinterest pin
Sample Pin

I used a PRO image that I why you are seeing a watermark but that is not a problem you can use a lot of free images. You can even upload your own images to make things even easier.

You noticed I took the first template that comes up on Pinterest pins and changed the colors to this blue and read the theme and then added some bit of Pinterest logos, reduced their transparency to make them look a little bit better.

Once you are done editing it is time to share your posts. And for that, you either download the Image from Canva or You connect your social media accounts to Canva.

Connect Your Pinterest to Canva

It’s really easy to connect Canva to your social media profiles.

Under the share button tab – you can see some Social media Icons click on one and follow the instructions to connect it won’t even take up your minute. The whole process is just giving Canva the right to post on your social media when you tell it to.

With Canva Pro – comes an Inbuilt content calendar. Given that, with Canva you can create 100 posts in an hour. You don’t need to post them all in one day.

So this feature allows you to schedule posts for a later date and have them posted automatically. You can do this at the start of the month and Canva will do all the heavy lifting for you. The only job left for you will be replying to comments and likes from your followers.


Pretty easy right? Just that and you are good to go.

A Pro tip.

When posting social media posts don’t forget to add hashtags they will help increase your post’s reach by a mile. Check out this article from the medium on the best website to generate trending hashtags to use on your social media – not just Pinterest.

Are you interested in starting a profitable blogging business


Is Using canva Difficult

No, it’s not, matter of fact anyone who knows how use a keyboard can make really beautiful and professional looking Pins/Posts on Canva

How to Increase My Pinterest Pin Impressions

Do some Pinterest Keyword Research and also don’t forget to use trending hashtags in your niche

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