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You are reading this amazing article, my guess is, you are looking for ways to make extra income online. Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to do so. In fact, you’ve come to THE place to learn how to make extra cash online using easy side hustles that are beginner-compatible. If you want to learn of other ways to make money online, be sure to read here. With that said let’s talk about how to make money on Quora.

The whole idea of monetizing a Q & A Forum may seem to be far-fetched and quite frankly, it’s not, this drill is easier than you think all you have to do is answer a lot of questions. Nobody likes answering questions, and how students react to exams is strong evidence to my argument and that is the best part about quora, people know Quora as a place to find answers, and we are going to teach to see quora as an opportunity to monetize answers.

Given that people don’t like answering questions, it makes it a whole lot easier to write Answers with little to no competition – well mostly but not entirely. There are some pretty obvious questions that anyone can answer and for your answer to be noticed, the top 30 answers above yours must be complete crap.

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Affiliate Disclosure

As for you, you are not going to be answering easy questions like “how can I break up with my partner”, You will be answering little more niched-down questions, we advise you to answer questions closest to your field of expertise.

What are you good at, everyone is good at something right?

Establish an Audience on Quora

Before you can make money on any platform, it is a necessity to have an established audience and besides, you don’t just generate money from thin air. You get money from other people either by selling them a product or service or by stealing. In this article, we will focus on the stealing part.

No, that is illegal and you’ll need The Professor for that.

Building an audience is the first step and I am going to show you how to build your audience to a staggering size and that too, in a very short space of time.

Getting followers on Quora can’t be that hard, right, I mean you’re just answering questions and if they are true then boom, you just earned yourself a follower.

Unless you niche down the questions you answer, you are not going to get any followers. That is why it is important to choose a niche you will answer questions in, something you have experience or a little knowledge in because that way people will perceive you as the “<that specific niche> guru”. During the first days of building an audience, I want you to focus on answering the questions of that specific niche.

So choose a niche, every niche is quite popular on Quora you know, I can’t suggest a specific niche that is more profitable than the other. What I suggest is a niche you have intel on.

Join Quora Spaces

There are a lot of Quora spaces and I mean a lot. Join as many as you want – you know what they say, its a numbers game. Your goal here is to answer and ask as many questions as you can and joining many quora spaces is the first step.

Look for spaces within your niche and just join without looking back. Up to 10 maybe that would be a good start.

So why join Quora Spaces?

Well because it’s where you get a lot of questions unanswered or with very few answers to compete with. Also, people will start to follow you from that Quora Space.

Another good thing about a Quora Space in your niche, you don’t have to hunt down questions that are within your niche, the Space will already have questions related to your niche and all you have to do is start answering those questions, don’t know the answers, we will discuss this in the next step.

Answer Questions

Answer everything, there’s no section B to choose a specific set of questions – welcome to the real world.

Which is a good thing if you think about it. You can just google the answers to stuff you don’t know about and summarize it in answer to that question.

If you don’t find the answer on Google, there’s always Reddit – your backup buddy. Go ahead and ask questions on Reddit – get the answer, go paste it on Quora, you might want to use Quillbot if you are lazy to paraphrase yourself.

Answer questions in all those Quora Spaces you joined every day, in fact, each time you start to use your laptop or mobile device, kick off with answering questions on Quora.

Another good thing about Quora Spaces, you get notifies when there is a new question on the Space, and being a lyncteck reader, we trust you’ll be there to answer the question.

Buddy Trick

Outside Quora Spaces what questions can you answer?

Have a buddy of yours ask a Question and if you’re the first one to answer, your answer has high chances of staying on top especially if it is good enough.

Hence the name buddy trick.

You all have buddies right?

If not well, you can always create a second Gmail Account 😁

Create a Quora Space

After doing the above steps for about a week or so and you start seeing your content view stats go up. The next step is to go ahead and create your own Quora Space.

Name it “Your Niche Related Name” for example – “Gadgets Expert Sanctuary” be creative come up with something catchy and blast it into that title.

Getting Traffic to your quora spaces is a bit hard than getting views to your answers, so that title will make a huge difference, ask ChatGPT to generate a title for you.

Give your Quora Space a compelling description or summary of what you’ll be talking about and frase can do that just fine. Try it out it’s a free tool, you will love it.

Remember we said getting traffic to your Quora Space is hard, yes it is, unless you do this 👇

Write Posts

Did you know you can use Quora just like a blog and write as many posts as you want. Your posts will be displayed on your follower’s feed or under some questions as related content that can provide extra information to that answer.

Just write around 500 – 1000 word articles, include some images, and make them engaging. There’s an AI tool called Frase that can help generate blog content that you can post on Quora. Frase also got a Title generator, I love this one, talk about catchy headlines.

For the most part, Frase is free, if you want high-level content of the best quality, you can subscribe to their tools, they are genuinely amazing.

Use your posts to promote your Quora Space and if you have a website, you can link to it in your Quora Space during the process of answering questions this is a really good strategy to get traffic to your blog.

Now that you have the content strategy all set up. It’s time to talk about money, the main reason why you are reading this article.

How to make money on Quora

There are multiple ways you can earn money on Quora and usually, people think you can only make money by getting invited to join Quora’s partner program and yeah that’s one way you can make money and in my opinion the one way you can make the least money.

Getting paid by Advertisers….Not really much of income you can expect – unless you have a really really huge audience and that way yeah, maybe you will be able to make around $1000/month which is still not enough for 100,000 content views, with a blog you can make a fortune with that amount of traffic.

In this article, I will show other ways to make money which most people usually overlook and yet these ways can earn you double or even 3x the money you will be making with the partner program.

On the internet, you must know that think the only thing that is required to make passive income is the audience and that’s it. Once you have an audience you cannot be poor, it’s literally impossible.

Affiliate Marketing

The first and by far the best way you can make money on Quora is through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing on quora

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing agreement whereby an online merchant pays a third-party website ( which is you ) a fee for traffic or sales brought about by referrals from that website. And Quora will be that website in this example.

You don’t need capital to get started with affiliate marketing, all you need is a traffic source and that’s it. We already showed you how to build an audience and now what’s left is to join affiliate networks and start making money.

The top affiliate networks to join are:

Those are the best affiliate networks to join in 2023.

Once you have successfully joined these affiliate programs, the next step is to request to join the individual affiliate programs provided by these networks. If they want a website, give them your Quora Space Link, and if social media profiles give them your Quora account.

Start hunting for programs within your niche. Please note some of these companies will reject you, it’s okay, it’s totally fine and acceptable we all face rejection in our lives. When I was getting started I got rejected by a lot of affiliate programs and to be more clear so you guys know it’s not a big deal.

My very own hosting company rejected me for having low traffic and I re-applied when I got the required traffic and they accepted me. How heartbreaking can a rejection be? And to top it up, its competitor had accepted me. So I ended up writing reviews about the competitor. I also did some VS post between the competitor and my hosting provider. I was fair don’t get me wrong, I write for our readers to get the best experience and for you guys to come back.

So having been accepted by some of the affiliate programs, write content around the companies that accepted you and start adding in those affiliate links and when your viewers click on those links and complete a purchase you will get way more money than the Quora Partner Program.

The more traffic the more clicks and hopefully, more purchases. Some of the affiliate programs pay up to $1000 per sale, especially in the travel niche.

To fully have control over your affiliate programs you will need to have a website and I highly recommend you follow this guide on how to create a profitable blog.

Stealing traffic to Your Website

When you don’t have a website, this step is irrelevant, but a website is really important and every content creator must have one. The best part it’s very easy to get started, follow this guide here.

If you do have a website, here’s how you can drive some of Quora’s traffic to your website.

When answering questions sprinkle links that have content that can provide additional information regarding the questions. By doing this people will click on those links and turn into traffic to your blog.

Quora posts are also a great way to link to your website. Write catchy content and set up click baits, that your readers won’t be able to resist, I call this strategy the LyncBait strategy, I apply it to every content I write online. Just leave your readers hanging with incomplete information that will be finished off by a blog post.

Everything you write – leave a link, it can be an eBook, a presentation, a cheat sheet, whatever it may be leave behind a clickbait.

Pair this LyncBait strategy with a free resource, you can set up a huge snowball effect, some may call it a traffic explosion, but I call it a snowball effect because your traffic will continue to grow exponentially without you putting in the extra effort. The reason is, people share free resource,s and having those links shared across the internet can trigger a huge snowball of traffic.

So in whatever you do never forget to use the LyncBait strategy. Just add a link.

Promote Your Products on Quora

If you have a product you are selling you can sell it to your traffic. Even if you don’t have a product, given the audience you gained you can create a product and then sell it to your audience, it is that simple.

It doesn’t have to be the next iPhone, just create a valuable eBook and sell it to your audience, some of them will buy it. If it’s really good and gets positive reviews, well more money in your bank account.

Use Quora to also advertise your services to your audience – if you have any. You can start a consulting business on the side preferably on the niche you are active the most on Quora. That way you can grab those desperate for answers and do one-on-one coaching services and earn thousands of dollars per month, the possibilities are endless.

Quora Subscriptions

make money on quora

Readers who subscribe to your space get access to its paid content. You are able to post premium material in your area that is only accessible to Quora+ subscribers (your own subscribers). You may produce two different kinds of content for your space: free and paid.

If your material is displayed under Paid content, both subscribers and Quora+ members can see it. Monthly subscriptions begin at $0.99. As a Space owner, you may choose your own pricing. The option exists for subscribers to follow your space. You will own 60% of the subscription.

Not bad right?

If you have 100 subscribers and a $10 membership, your income will be $1000, and you will earn $600.

You may provide a monthly or yearly membership to your followers. You choose which postings should be reserved only for subscribers and set a price for it. All of your postings in the area are accessible to your subscribers.

Sign Up For Quora Partner Program

Last but not least – The Quora Partner Program, which am not a fan of, and it also has the hardest entry barrier of around 100,000 content views yet it pays out the least. Matter of fact you don’t just join it, you get invited to join the program once you hit the hundred thousand mark.

how to make money on quora
startup talky

To Get Invited you must:

  • You must have over 100000 content views
  • Ask questions regularly, it is a good way to get the attention of the program
  • Your answer must be appropriate
  • Create your profile properly with pictures and descriptions.
  • The partners have to ask 10 questions a day. However, the amount of money that you will get will not depend on the number of questions.

There you have for Quora Partner Program.


Quora can be one of the best ways to earn money onlines if you follow the steps and monetize it properly. It can also be a great way to generate followers for your other social media accounts.

Always remember, Advice from Lyncteck – With Great Content Comes Great Possibilities

Interested in other ways to make money online?


How many monthly users are on Quora?

Every month, Quora receives over 300 million unique visitors. In 2016, Quora had 100 million monthly users. In 2017, it increased to 190 million. According to user numbers, it is currently one among the top 20 social networking sites worldwide.

How does Quora Pay its Partners?

You are paid by the advertisers, not by Quora, when you enroll in the Quora Partner Program. Once you sign up as a partner, though, you will be asked to input your payment information.

Is there a limit to the number of Quora spaces that can be created?

There are no restrictions on what you can make. Each one you make, though, is shown in your profile. You should restrict the gaps to make it simple for folks to find what they’re searching for in order to prevent confusing your followers.

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