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Do you want a website and you don’t know how to get started and publish your first website live on the internet to the world? What if I told you it is very easy to make your own website using WordPress, even if you are a complete beginner You don’t need any prior skill to get started, you just need to sign up to Bluehost and you’re done!! In this article, I will show exactly how to make a WordPress website and have it up and running online in under 30 minutes.

This tutorial will be for everyone, wanna be a blogger?, I will show you how to create a website you can use for blogging, are you an agency, I got you covered, whatever you want to achieve with a website, this article will demonstrate exactly how to do it and that too the right way.

One of the most useful tools for a company nowadays is having a website! It’s no longer a company’s must-have – every online creator and business owner should have a website.

It gives up countless opportunities for interacting with new clients and business partners, increase brand recognition, and improve your services overall. You can use it to create more leads through Content Marketing .

When compared to other conventional marketing strategies, it is also extremely affordable.

You have the ability to rapidly and simply change the content of a website without worrying about prohibitive printing expenses.

From e-commerce websites that enable people to buy things online to tutorials with simple step-by-step instructions on how to use your products, you can even design bespoke webpages that are especially suited to match your demands.

Having a website also makes it easier for potential consumers to discover you; all they need to do is give them your website URL and they can obtain all the information they want any time, day or night! Or Better still, a simple Google Search can bring your website to the eyes of the researcher instantly – and it’s called free organic traffic.

Hey, don’t enjoy the benefits of having a website without having one yet!

Not to worry though. Here’s a full guide on how to make a WordPress website in under 30 minutes.

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How to make a WordPress Website

Follow these steps and you are going to have your own website hosted online in a few minutes and then I’ll show you how to customize it and do some basic SEO checklist for your website to show up in Google Search Results.

Step 1:

Visit Bluehost and Sign Up:

This is probably the simplest step, just click the link to see the Bluehost homepage. Setting everything up could seem intimidating, but as you will see from the screenshots below, Bluehost isn’t that difficult. Actually, it’s the easiest hosting provider for beginners.

how to create a website - bluehost home

Step 2:

Time to choose a plan. Now, this is where you factor in what kind of website you are planning to make with WordPress. If your plan to store large files on your website, you better select a plan with a bigger enough storage to accommodate the data. If you’re a blogger, the basic plan is just perfect for a start you’ll upgrade as soon as your website starts making money.

how to make a wordpress website - bluehost pricing

Look at how cheap Bluehost Hosting is!! A 12-year version of yourself could have a site running in no time.

Bluehost is one of the cheapest WordPress hosting on the planet, yet they provide elite services – best hosting company for WordPress website in my opinion.

Step 3:

Register your domain name or purchase a new one. The URL of your blog is what’s called a domain.

Basically, a domain is the name of your website and it’s got be unique -unlike John Doe, you can’t have another running down the streets.

Consider it carefully since you cannot alter your mind afterwards. There is no need to purchase a domain separately because it comes with all Bluehost plans for free.

bluehost - domain setup

Now, provide your contact details and any further information you like to purchase. Although you may purchase the extras afterwards, I STRONGLY suggest SiteLock Security Essential. All of your hard efforts must not be lost.

bluehost purchase page

Step 4:

Scroll down to the bottom and proceed to the part that no one likes: payment. Just keep in mind that Bluehost, like the majority of hosts, charges you upfront for the whole 36-month contract, although there’s an option to select 12 months, it’s your call. If I were you I’d go for a discounted 36 months.

bluehost - card information

Step 5: 

Some prompt will ask you to select or make a password that you will use to log in to your website. Use that password, you use on every other account you create – I know you do that 😂. I just want you to know, you are not alone.

bluehost - create a password

Step 6:

Don’t get too excited by this step, my best bet – probably skip it, we are going to deal with themes later on when now need to make your WordPress website live up to its purpose.

bluehost - themes

Step 7: 

Here you can choose to either:

  1. Start Building your website on WordPress
  2. Go to your Bluehost account (cpanel)

Click the first option; you know what they say – third time is a charm.

Motivation speakers be like: ☝️

After selecting the first option, you’ll be met with a screen similar to the one below

bluehost - welcome page

Step 8:

You’re almost done setting up your WordPress website to be live on the internet. You can either choose to launch it right away or display a fancy “coming soon b#$%” page again it’s your call.

NO it’s not your call, launch the damn thing right away.

bluehost - launch website page

Step 9:

Once you’re ready to launch you’ll see the screen below:

bluehost - launched welcome

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and get ready to set up your website however you want.


There’s always a but, isn’t mate?

There are some configurations that you need to configure before you start adding content to your website – the best line I’ve written in a long time.

For the first steps, sounds easy and beginner friendly enough right? Go set up your own website using Bluehost now!!

Fundamental WordPress Configurations

First things first, you need to fix some SSL bull$ happening on your website.

Head over to your dashboard and then navigate:


general settings

Under the WordPress Address (URL) change from to

Notice how I added an s after HTTP.

Also while still on this screen, update your site name and tagline to whatever catchy line you want.

After you are done, click on save changes!!

Never forget to click save changes on any setting you change on WordPress!!


This is the screen that deals with your writing of blog posts and any other “writing” thing you can do on your website.

writing settings

Now you don’t have to change anything here, just leave everything as default, unless you want to publish posts from your email, which I do not recommend.


reading setting - wordpress

Change your homepage display from “Your latest posts” to a “static page”. You don’t want your home page to be an exact replica of the blog archive page.

And Don’t tick that box about search engines!!! It’s a no go zone.

Just configure as shown above ☝️


Skip the media and other options and jump to “Permalinks”.

make a wordpress website - permalink sttings

Choose the post name option on the permalink structure of your blog posts. The post name permalink is good for SEO and generally more clean and neat, also readable, you can manage the post name with no problem.

Imagine if the dates were configured!! It gets messy when your website now publishes multiple blog posts per day.

And That’s it for the basic settings!!

Theme Selection

Remember I said am going to show you how to create any type of website, whether it’s a blog or agency website, or even an e-commerce website? This is where the theme options come in.

The theme you choose is the one that is going to detect your website functionality.

Here are a few common use cases of websites and the respective themes that are the best in each case.


For a blog, the Kadence theme is the best theme you can use for your blog no questions asked!

Unless you want a News style blog and if that’s the case, you can use any free News website theme on the WordPress directory.

kadence theme

Ecommerce Store

Most popular themes are built with e-commerce in mind and that is why you don’t need any special theme from ThemeForest.

To have that e-commerce functionality, all you have to do is install the WooCommerce plugin and you’re done. This will automatically add all the pages necessary in an e-store, like the checkout page.

woo commerce

Popular themes that integrate well with the WooCommerce plugin include:

Good Luck with your e-commerce store.

Agency Website

What’s special about an agency website?

Nothing right! All you need is a contact form and a good-looking theme and then you can make your Agency website with no problem.

There are many contact forms you can choose from, doesn’t really matter which one, but WP Forms is undoubtedly the best contact form plugin for WordPress.

Perfect themes for an Agency website include:

And that’s it for the Agency guys!

LMS website

There is no ordinary WordPress theme that can be a perfect fit for an LMS website ( Learning Management System ).

Yeah, Hate to break it to you mate.

Even if you install an LMS plugin, it will work the most parts but you won’t have awesome features like Category Filters on your course archive page. Not just that, your student and instructor dashboard will look like shit!

Everything basically will be crap!

It is really important to have a theme specifically made to give you the best user experience in the LMS field. There are very good themes made specifically for that on theme forest.

The best one is the Eduma theme.

eduma theme on themeforest
eduma theme

Above are the demo pages from Eduma.

You can clearly see how beautiful and sleek the UX of this theme is. It supports any type of LMS website – whether it’s a multi-instructor website or a single-instructor website. It is compatible with the most popular page builder on the market – no need to worry about compatibility.

You can integrate this theme with the leading LMS plugins such as LearnDash or LifterLMS

Job Hunting Website

Again this type of website requires a special theme specifically made for job hunting and displaying job offer listings.

There might be a few plugins to help with that when you are using a general multi-purpose theme like Kadence.

Want something like LinkedIn?

No ordinary theme can pull that off. You can check out this theme on ThemeForest it’s called Jobify and it’s a beast!


Jobify is a modern WordPress theme influenced by a flat-style design that was created for job boards. It includes the well-known 5-minute install technique to launch your website.

It’s a theme that you may modify, offering many color and font combinations as well as other choices to customize your website.

Over 14,000 users agree with me that this is the finest theme in its area, as evidenced by the theme’s astounding popularity.


Community Website

Instead of “how to make a WordPress website” how about – how to make an online community using WordPress?

An online community is a group of people who communicate and interact via various digital tools, whether that’s through a forum, chat, email, or even social networking.

This one is pretty simple actually. You don’t need a special theme for this one.

All you need is a fancy plugin by the name BuddyPress


It’s completely free you can check it out.


There you have it folks how to spend 10 years coding and learning web dev and finally get the knowledge of making your own Udemy Clone.


Okay, that’s how to make a WordPress website in under 30 minutes. Writing this article actually takes longer than making your WordPress website.

Please leave a comment below if you liked the article.


Is it hard to make a WordPress Website

No, it’s not it’s easier than you think, and it’s cheaper than you’d expect. Your day’s meal is the hosting price for a month when you use Bluehost.

What type of Website can I make with WordPress

You can make any kind of website using WordPress as long as you get the right theme. LMS websites, Community, Social Media, Agency, and many more websites.

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