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Is it? In this Gravitec review, I will help you clear your mind on whether you should use Gravitec Web Push Notification software or not.

You know those notifications that appear out of nowhere while you’re using your desktop or mobile browser?

( R. K. O from nowhere)

These are what we call push notifications. They started off as a thing for iOS users, but now its kind of a universal feature across platforms.

The finest push notification services, however, let users choose whether or not to accept notifications from the websites and apps they select.

Push notifications can frustrate users when used improperly, but when used correctly, they are essential for conveying messages, real-time updates, and reminders.

Kind of like, an email list but way better. Unlike emails you can’t completely ignore push notifications, you will involuntarily see them whether you like it or not.

( Which is cool right from the sender’s perspective of course)

It can drive away potential consumers and increase the number of people who uninstall your app and unsubscribe from your website if your online business makes the error of employing it poorly and overloading your users with information that they don’t need.

Hate it when other bloggers do that to me.

It is very important to avoid this mistake as an online business owner. Using push notifications can make or break your online business.

Hate to sound like an ancient Japanese monk but “Use them wisely, with great power comes great responsibility not to f it up”

It’s crucial to use the best push notification software effectively in order to boost traffic and conversions, even if you’re eager to start using it.

Thankfully, you can accomplish this with the potent push notification software Gravitec!

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What is Gravitec?

Gravitec is a web-based push notification tool that helps boost traffic and conversions to your website.

Increase your website’s clickthrough rate and traffic with automatic news distribution to get up to 25% more visitors.

Seriously though. Push notifications can tremendously boost your web traffic by thousands. Who doesn’t want free traffic?

Gravitec’s workflow has been improved, and the Web push encourages customer loyalty. You may target the audience and design communications that are specifically tailored to them.

Furthermore, Gravitec will handle the rest; all you have to do is set the message. Messages will be automatically sent based on user behavior.

You can examine the delivery of the message as well as the conversion rate for each message independently. You may reach more people by giving them an incentive to opt-in before the necessary push notification appears.

Try an eBook or something!

The best feature is that you are guaranteed relevance.

Gravitec Features

Here are the top Gravitec Features that make this software worth checking out!!

It allows you to create Campaigns

With drip marketing, you may grow the number of subscribers you have and cultivate their loyalty and engagement.

Create a collection of articles that are pertinent for new subscribers and are represented in a number of notifications.

Campaign segmentation options include extensive segmentation based on OS, country, city, browser language, and whatever other properties you may want to include.

It gives you campaign reports

Utilize Gravitec’s campaign reports to assess and determine the efficacy of your push initiatives.

Receive graphs based on your campaigns that display online and pertinent facts.

(Good looking Graphs by the way)

You can select to receive charts for subscriptions and opt-outs, for campaigns over a specific time period, or for specific campaigns.

You know the usual chart.js stuff.

It lets your subscribers communicate with you

Don’t get me wrong, not a lot of push notification services offers this type of beautiful madness.

Your subscribers can browse and view their notification history using a push mailbox.

This allows your website visitors to always have the opportunity to re-subscribe to your notifications with the simple click of a button and not just that, your subscribers can filter alerts depending on their categories and be more selective with them.

Better get Gravitec folks!

Prompt & Bell

The Prompt & Bell tool is yet another awesome Gravitec feature. You can use this feature to add a bell with various subscription options on your website. This function offers your visitors a range of subscription options. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that this feature boosts your membership rate by up to 10%.

It provides automated news delivery

Send push notifications with the most recent information and breaking news right from your RSS feed.

Gravitec Automation
Gravitec Appsumo

This feature allows the most well-liked news to be delivered to your subscribers over a predetermined period of time. There is a “Smart Digest” feature that gives customers brand-new news and updates.

And that wraps it up, for more Gravitec features, you can check out their website.


For up to 10,000 subscribers, Gravitec is free to use, but it can only be used by one person.

It has a full range of features and integrations, and allows you to send an unlimited number of notifications, but the free plan has only basic automation.

The business package includes RESTful API, detachable copyright, priority customer and technical support, and all features and integrations for a limitless number of users and subscribers.

The cost of the business plan varies depending on how many users it has, but it starts at $40 per month for 10,000.

All these capabilities, however, are available as a lifetime package for only $49 with Gravitec from AppSumo. So, get it right now.

Gravitec Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Gravitec gives you a ton of flexibility when it comes to designing web push alerts and it also comes with great integrations, they even have a WordPress plugin to seamlessly integrate your WordPress website into Gravitec.

This piece of software has all the tools you require to produce an effective push notification, including the ability to integrate it with other CRM software and send email blasts. Simply bear in mind that your pricing plan is based on the number of subscribers you have and that you may always upgrade your plan as needed.

There’s a cheaper lifetime deal with AppSumo buy the software with all the features for only $49.

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