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Venturing into e-commerce is a very wise decision for any company or organization. Social media should definitely come into play to help with marketing strategies. As an online marketer, you should know a bunch of facts about social media stats and in this article, you will learn about the 15 Facebook statistics that every online marketer should know.

The reason for the importance of this knowledge is that all these social media platforms have an insanely large user base, we are talking billions here. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. all these platforms have over billion users and as an online marketer it’s important to know where your audience resides.

Social media platforms support brand exposure and reach, audience engagement, and the gathering of insightful data about customers and rivals.

They have a massive potential to reach out to various people and increase brand awareness.

In this article am going to be talking about Facebook statistics which will probably help you to have a better picture of Facebook as a marketing platform.

1. Facebook User Statistics

Facebook is the third most viewed site in the world after Google and YouTube.

Basically it’s the second, it’s not fair to count Google on that list!

It is a social networking site that makes it easy for you to connect and share with family and friends online.

Facebook is the reigning king of social media with the most significant number of users, with over 2.96 billion active users as of the third quarter of the year 2022.

2. Average Time Spent on Facebook

Global Android users spend an average time of 19.6 hours per month on Facebook and 48 mins per day. With the amount of time people spend on this platform, I advise companies and online marketers to take advantage of this addiction and capitalize on it.

3. Average Daily Users

Facebook has an average of 1.62 billion people who visit the platform daily. That is why I highly recommend you to advertise your business through Facebook.

4. 90% of social media marketers use Facebook

Various companies advertising their products and services use various social media platforms. 90 percent of social media marketers who responded to a global poll said they utilized the network to advertise their companies, and 79 percent said they used Instagram. Which is now basically the same thing, right?

5. Facebook Ads Revenue

Given Facebook’s massive user base and widespread appeal among marketers, it is not surprising that the majority of Facebook’s income comes from advertisements.

It makes an annual revenue of 84.4 billion dollars.

6. Shocking statistics that happen in an average minute on Facebook

Every minute an average of 400 new users sign up to Facebook. More than 510,000 comments are made, 293,000 status changes are done, 136,000 photos are posted, and an astounding 4 million posts are liked in just one minute. Shocking Facebook stats huh!

7. Over 200 million businesses use Facebook tools

The most common tool these companies use is the Facebook page. On this platform, businesses share and post information about their operation such as addresses, contact information, and description of the goods and services they provide.

Due to this brands are easily identified by potential customers.

If you have a business, using Facebook pages would be a good consideration if you want to attract more customers and get them to know more about what you do. More so, on Facebook pages, customers also leave comments and suggestions and the business can reply which is an efficient way of communication between the customer and service provider.

8. The peak traffic for Facebook users

I think it is good to know the time when most Facebook users are active. The peak traffic is observed highest between 1 PM TO 3 PM. Around this time, most people will be taking lunch breaks from work or school. This is a great time to post and reach more people than any other time of the day.

9. One of the biggest product discovery platforms.

In product discovery, customers are given the platform to shop for goods they are looking for as well as to discover new items they might find useful.

In the research done, 78% of Americans say they discover new products from Facebook ads.

10. More Young Adults Use Facebook than you think

One would probably think TikTok and Instagram are more popular for Gen-Z ( people born between 1997 and 2012 ) but on contrary to that Facebook confirmed that 58% of its users are under 35 years old.

Knowing the demographics of Facebook users may help you promote your brand online and show you which marketing strategies will work best for your company.

11. 66% of the United Kingdom uses Facebook

In the UK the population is 67.9 million people and from that 44.84 million individuals are said to be using Facebook. This means that 66% of people in the UK us.

12. 71.4 % of the people in the United States use Facebook

The country has a population of 335.7 million people and from that 239 million people are using Facebook.  It is the second country with the highest number of Facebook users though it originates from there.

13. The country with the most number of Facebook users in the world

India which is the country with the greatest population is the one with the most Facebook users. 29.4 % of the population uses Facebook. That is 416.6 million users of a population of 1.408 billion people.

14. 15.1% of Facebook Content are Videos

Users of Facebook worldwide watch an average of 100 million hours every day. Every day, more than 8 billion videos are seen on the social media site.

Videos have the highest engagement rate on Facebook.

So if you are considering marketing your goods or services on Facebook, you are mostly advised to use your ads in form of videos due to their high engagement.

15. Facebook Stories are becoming more popular

The Facebook story is another important tool for the social network. It has recently been becoming more popular than before. In its first 14 months, the platform reached 150 million daily viewers.

The numbers have doubled with story viewers being more than 300 million people on a daily basis.

Due to the increasing rate of story viewers, Facebook stories can be considered in a marketing plan considering the relevant audience is active.

Summary of Facebooks Statistics

  1. Facebook has 2.96 active users
  2. Global Android users spend an average time of 19.6 hours per month
  3. Facebook has an average of 1.62 billion people who visit the platform daily
  4. 90% of social media marketers use Facebook
  5. Facebook makes an annual revenue of 84.4 billion dollars
  6. 400 users sign up to Facebook every minute
  7. Over 200 million businesses use Facebook tools
  8. Most Facebook users are active between 1 PM To 3 PM
  9. 78% of Americans discover new products on Facebook
  10. 58% of Facebook users are under the age of 35
  11. 66% of the population in the United Kingdom uses Facebook
  12. 71.4 % of the people in the United States use Facebook
  13. India has the highest number of Facebook users
  14. 15.1% of Facebook Content is Videos
  15. Facebook stories have more than 300 million viewers per day


That’s the end of this article. It’s safe to say Facebook is the current king of social media. So in order to keep in touch with the rest of the world you definitely need to have a Facebook account.

Businesses are easy to market with this platform as indicated by the statistics on this article.

If you already have a Facebook account for your business it is important to know the different statistics of the platform as it helps you get in the game with the essential knowledge provided.

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