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Vs Wp Bakery, Also vs Beaver Builder. You can’t seem to decide which page builder plugin is suitable for your website. I’ve done that, I’ve been there, not only in deciding plugins but a whole lot of other tech too and that is why Lyncteck writes these articles for you. To end that hunt. Divi vs Elementor is the most popular showdown on page builder plugins, you might as well call it the Ultimate Showdown.

Here’s Why?

Divi and Elementor are the two most popular page builder plugins on WordPress. They both are so good that people usually find it difficult to choose between the two.

In this article, we are going to clear some air on this “Divi vs Elementor” comparison. We tried and tested both plugins and we are going to share with you an honest review on which one is the best for you.

In the end, it all depends on your taste really.

The Big Question is now, which one is your taste?

Let’s find out, shall we!!

Divi vs Elementor: Overview

Divi Summary

Elegant Themes

Take a moment to think about the word “ELEGANT”. You Done? What came into your mind first?

Elegance, Flashy, Top Quality, Divine…Now that I mentioned it, I think Divi is a shortcut for Divine. This plugin was designed to build “Divine” websites. It comes with batteries included like the beautiful color palette – 50 shades of Grey. Yep, I never thought a little tweak to the shade of red can change the whole design game, it’s insane. I love the Divi colors, am sure my team can agree with me, If you choose Divi you are also going to agree with me.

Unlike Elementor, Divi is a visual drag-and-drop builder. I know some might argue and say Elementor is also a visual drag-and-drop page builder. I disagree with that. Let’s define our terms here. What is visual? In Divi you don’t go and type in the values of padding or margin, you just drag the element to your liking! it’s that simple.

Divi page builder
source: Divi

Even people who don’t know what padding is can design well-spaced websites. Divi also comes with a huge library of free templates and layouts you can use to design your websites.

The Divi page builder can work with any theme you throw at it. If you are unsure about which theme to choose, I highly recommend you go for the Divi theme, I mean it makes sense that way, and besides, the Divi theme is the best premium theme on the planet.

Elementor Summary

Since the beginning of WordPress, Elementor is one of the first page builders to ever hit the market. This plugin brags about giving you complete control over your website. You can customize almost anything with this plugin from the Header to the Footer, heck even the Chester.

elementor page builder
source: Elementor

Elementor is also a visual drag-and-drop builder. Not entirely though. Changing the color and seeing live changes, every page builder can do that, and yeah it is visual, but I like how Divi defines visual. Changing the padding live by dragging spaces between elements. Crazy!!

When it comes to flexibility and freedom of control then Elementor is your best bet. This plugin lets you create anything you imagine. As I always say – drag and drop your imagination into reality. It comes with a lot of features such as allowing you to create custom and reusable blocks.

The good thing with Elementor is if you get really good at it, you can make templates and start selling them to people and make income from it. You can check out Darrel Wilson’s template library and see how he makes income by selling themes and elements he built with these plugins.

Divi vs Elementor: Detailed Showdown

Now it’s time to dive deep into the little details that set these plugins apart!

Template Library

I thought of kicking off this match with what most of you like!

What everyone likes in fact.

Pre-built Templates. As crazy as it might sound, no one is willing to build an entire website from scratch, even with a page builder. And this is because the chances are, you are going to mess it up. Not all of us are designers, and that is why these pre-made templates are there in the first place.

Divi comes with a shit ton of pre-made layouts, elements, and everything. When you need a pricing table you just go to the template library and select the one you like, change colors, the features, and of course the price.

Elegant themes keep updating their template library, and maybe by the time you read this article it has grown to over 400 templates and 175 layout packs.

divi template library

Elementor also has an enormous template library, and the best part about Elementor’s template library, the templates are not only made by Elementor, but any individual with the skill to create something beautiful can make a layout, export it as a JSON file and then boom, now it can be shared as a template with other individuals who might need it.

With that being the case, I can’t exactly tell you the number of templates and layouts available for Elementor, but I can assure you that they are a lot, with Headers and Footers included as well.

elementor templates
Our Verdict: These plugins both offer stunning templates, Elementor has the edge of having a large community, that has resulted in it having centuries of pre-made templates. Elementor is the Winner.


Divi was originally built for the Divi theme by Elegant Themes and in recent years they’ve made the plugin in such a way that it can work with almost any WordPress theme you throw at it. In a few themes, the Divi builder might not work as you expect and that’s completely fine because these themes that lack compatibility aren’t popular and there are low chances of you choosing the over the Industry leading themes like Astra for example.

Elementor on the other hand can work with any theme, literally any theme available for WordPress. Yeah, Elementor is that powerful in terms of Integration. The plugin wasn’t made for any specific theme (although it works pretty well with the theme “Hello Elementor”), it was made to build pages for any theme from day one.

Our Verdict: Elementor is a clear winner in this Integration or Compatibility game, but (there's a but)You won't really have to use a theme that Divi can't work well with. Elementor is the winner

Styling Options

Here’s where it really gets Interesting!

Divi Styling Options
divi styling options

Divi has a lot of styling options, and that too it is very easy to implement and use these styling options compared to Elementor. It gives you visuals on how the shadow will look like, how the animation will execute, and a whole lot more cool features. “On your face Elementor!!”

Divi also comes with responsive layouts out of the box. It is easy to make a mobile responsive website using Divi and you don’t need any coding skills to do that. All the styling options are presented to you in a beginner-oriented way using tabs that are very easy to comprehend.

Elementor Styling Options
elementor styling options

Elementor also presents its styling options using tabs. Now the difference comes in the editing part. In Divi you can see how your shadow box will look like before you implement it, in Elementor it’s different, you have to type in some values and do some guesswork, and then! you will start to see changes after plugging in those values. That’s how they define visual editing, but Nah, I don’t think so.

If you use Divi, you will surely get to know the true definition of live editing.

Our Verdict: Divi is the champion when it comes to the visual editing and styling options. Its all done to its simplicity and beginner frendliness which is undoubtably better than Elementor. Divi is the winner.

SEO friendliness

You all want to rank at the top on the Google Search Results page right? Well, you should consider SEO when choosing these plugins and honestly they are both good. No plugin is better than the other in this category in my opinion.

Pages made by each of these plugins are SEO-optimized. You can even use page builders to design and build your blog posts with no problem.

This is good especially when you are doing a comparison type of article or anything that will require elements and layouts that Guternburg doesn’t provide by default.

Our Verdict: There is a tie here. Both plugins are great for SEO and you shouldn't worry about SEO friendliness when choosing between the two. It's a tie

Ease of Use

Ouhhh here’s a tricky one,

I think Divi is easier to use than Elementor, don’t get me wrong both of these plugins are very easy to use, probably the easiest plugins in the page builder competition.

Divi comes out clean as the easiest page builder to use.

Here’s why I say that.

When you are using Elementor, you have to know stuff like padding and margin, and all that kind of shit. But with Divi, you only have to know how to drag spaces between elements to your liking.

Divi shows you how the animation will look like, how the shadow box will look like, and in Elementor you have to plug in values to get the same results.

In terms of how the styling options are laid out, they both do a fantastic job in that. Both are pretty easy to find what you are looking for.

Our Verdict: Divi is clearly the easiest to use, even to absolute beginners who don't even know what padding is. Both plugins are great but, Divi is the winner

Theme Builder

divi theme builder

Divi is a baby plugin, it’s amazing to see how they have accomplished to ship out amazing features really fast to match the demand of the competition. The Divi theme builder is not the easiest to use but it sure is functional and getting better and better that’s for sure.

The Divi theme builder allows you to create Headers and Footers for any page on your website – a no-brainer right that’s what a theme builder should do and Divi does exactly that.

elementor theme builder

If you want more flexibility and customization in your theme builder. Go for Elementor. The theme builder is a lot easier to understand and comes with a lot of elements and templates pre-build for you by the Elementor community, some are free, and some require the Pro version. In fact, the Elementor theme builder is only available in the pro version.

Elementor theme builder lets you set the global theme colors and some default styling for your websites like the font and all. Elementor has the best theme builder any page builder has ever had.

Our Verdict: The Divi theme builder does the job but, Elementor takes this theme building to a whole new level. Elementor is the winner


divi perfomance
Divi Speed Performance

All I can say is, Divi is pretty fast, triple-A performance. What more will you need?

Both plugins are hyper-fast, they use minified CSS and javascript to reduce file sizes of elements. The plugin has a higher page load speed compared to other plugins in the market and so is Elementor. In terms of speed, you can’t go wrong with these two. Of course, the page load speed is different, but not by a high amount to set them apart.

elementor perfomance
Our Verdict: Its a draw, the perfomance of these plugins is almost equal, the difference is just so insignificant to set them apart. Its a tie


It’s a bit difficult to compare the pricing of these two plugins because one is cheaper in some cases and the other is not, and vice-versa. It will depend on how you intend to use the plugin.

Elementor Pricing

Free Version

Elementor has a Free version, which is good for a start, you know, a free version is a free version. You know what they say….”there is nothing for free in this world” we even buy also. Why would Elementor have a free version?

The free version is there to show off all the pro elements you can’t use and lure you to buy the Pro version.

Premium Version

It’s decent, and comes with all the bells and whistles. Here’s how much it will set you back.

elementor pro pricing

Divi Pricing

Divi comes with no free version you have to buy the plugin as part of the full bundle from elegant themes and it only makes sense to use the plugin with the Divi theme. It is a really good theme no doubt about that.

divi pricing


Divi and Elementor are two of the best page builder plugins available on the internet for your WordPress website. Which one you choose, depends on which one you prefer and the strengths you are looking for in these two plugins.

If you are a beginner and want something easy to use you should go with Divi and if you have some little experience with coding or WordPress, you can choose Elementor as it allows you to edit your website with millimetric precision.

With that said: Our favorite is Elementor, it is the one in action on this website and we totally love Elementor. We’ve used Divi in some of our client’s websites back then when we used to make people’s websites for quick cash. We will share our story soon. Stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on “Divi vs Elementor”.

Are you Interested in other page builders? check out this article about the top 10 WordPress page builders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use both Divi and Elementor?

Yes, it is possible but, I highly recommend you don’t. Not only will it slow down your website, the plugins might conflict and your website might even stop working properly

Which one is better — Divi or Elementor?

There is no clear winner in this battle of the page builder goat, but Divi comes out the best when you use it with its Mother theme, Divi. Elementor is the jack of all threads.

Does Divi have a free version?

No, it doesn’t it comes in as part of a package by Elegant Themes and that is the reason why we recommend you stick with the Divi theme if you are going to use the Divi page builder.

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