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Email Opt-ins?, What are they? and why are emails so important to a blogger, and how best can the blogger get those emails? You looking at the answer right now. Convert Pro is how you get them and why they are important and why we use Convert Pro is what we are going to answer in this convert pro review.

This will be a thorough review of Convert Pro we intend to touch even the little details, some wise dude once said, it is the little details that matter.

And I completely agree with him.

With that said, here’s why we think Convert Pro is worth it!

Convert Pro – Features

The Convert Pro plugin is packed with Industry-leading features that a lead generation plugin can possibly have. After all, it is the features that will detect whether you buy the plugin or not. It’s the features will look for when we are about to buy something. We’ll kick off the Convert Pro review by looking at what the plugin brings to the table (the email list in this case).

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Ever used Elementor/Beaver Builder, the way you build your website with those plugins is the way you design your opt-in form with Convert Pro. Drag and Drop Builders have a reputation for being so easy to use and this one is no exception. The team at Brainstorm force did a really good job in designing this drag-and-drop builder. You can turn your imagination to really or rather you can drag and drop your imagination to life using Convert pro’s built-in drag and drop builder. It gives you full control over the design of the popup.

It also gives you lots of customization options, you can change the background, the colors, and the shape of a button, you can even throw radio buttons on your opt-in form. That doesn’t sound too crazy until you discover that some opt-in plugins don’t have that level of customization.

You don’t need any coding skills to develop and customize the forms its completely user friendly, nevermind coding skills even people with no computer skills can design good forms.

Responsive Elements

Even if you launch your opt-in form in a smatch watch, it will be responsive. That’s a simple demonstration of how responsive the forms built with Convert Pro are.

Obviously, a smartwatch cannot open websites (YET, tech is crazy there could be a smartwatch that does that, if there is any let me know, either here or on social media).

The forms are really mobile responsive, they look good on all devices that can open websites, you will not have to worry about your website not looking good.

Blazing Fast Loading Fast

Not to forget that this plugin is a product of Brainstorm Force, the guys at Astra, make very fast-loading products for websites, it’s their company motto, speed is their main priority when making products and that is a really good approach when making WordPress Products, I can’t go against the statement “speed is our middle name” if they would start marketing their products that way. Bundled with the Astra theme, this plugin is at its full potential.

Behaviour Based Triggers

When it comes to behaviour based triggers, this plugin allows you to throw landmines at your websites. It gives you multiple trigger options, which gives you the flexibility to capture the email of your reader at the “right moment”. Behaviour based pop-up increase conversion rate.

My favourite is the exit intent pop-up, here’s how it works

When the user is about to leave the website, convert pro uses some voodoo to know that the use is just leaving the website and at that moment, its when the pop-up form is triggered and this form you are guranteed it will get the user’s attention, think about it, make yourself the reader and think about when you’re reading some article and when you decide to leave the website you see some pop-up form and obviously you be like “wait whats this” and that’s how this exit intent pop-up is so special.

There are many other special triggers that come with Convert Pro, here’s some of the most used

  • Timed Pop-up
  • Welcome Pop-up
  • User Inactive Detector
  • After content pop-up
  • Scroll pop-up trigger
  • Timed pop-up

Multiple-Step Popup Forms

Sometimes an email alone isn’t enough, you might want more information about your reader or user, you might wanna pull of a sick survey to get some anonymous intel on the products or services you provide or anything that will require the user to enter data at multiple levels. Convert Pro is the real deal, this plugin also allows you to have multiple-step forms on its pop-ups.

This feature can be useful, especially when carrying out a survey to find out if readers are enjoying your content or not, or it could be something different entirely, the point here is…The plugin allows you to do whatever you want with it.

Better Get Convert Pro now!!

Message Personalization

I bet you all gonna like this feature.

And YES it means what it says, you can personalize the messages provided by the pop-ups to different users based on any metric you might wanna use. You don’t want returning readers to keep seeing the same message right. You dammn right am right. So basically what this plugin does is allow you to personalize your forms for the different types of visitors that come to your website.

Template Library

Lazy as me, well that’s not a problem, I kinda talked with the guys over at Brainstorm that “that some of us web designers we already know we are good at designing forms and we don’t want convert pro to keep questioning our design skills by not providing pre-built forms” and guess what the meeting went well and hence.

Convert Pro provides you with quite a number of pre-built templates for you to work with, sometimes designing from scratch is not necessary, in my experience 9 times outta 10 your designs suck. Now the big question is who designs the templates.


Convert Pro – Integrations

Unlike other opt-in plugins, this one doesn’t pigeonhole you to one email marketing platform. Convert Pro allows you to integrate your form with any CRM software on the market, HubSpot, MailChimp you name it, Convert Pro supports all of them.

Am starting to think this might be the best WordPress plugin for lead generation.

Convert Pro Integrations


Convert Pro is currently at a discount priced at $87 it is normally just under a hundred bucks. We recommend you get this Astra Growth Bundle and have all your tools from one creator, you can imagine how the ecosystem is like. Take a look at Apple if you want clarity on the importance of ecosystem.


Convert Pro is a really plugin for lead generation and convert a visitor into a customer, it has many great features that will allow you to capture the emails of the readers and later turn them into customers using any CRM software in the market as it integrates well with all of them.

Convert Pro is a part of the Astra suite of products, it would be great to use it with the other Brainstorm force products as the integration will be seamless. Keep in mind that Convert Pro can work with any theme on WordPress.

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