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HubSpot is probably one of the oldest CRM software on the market, I mean when the company was founded I was just 3 years old!! You can probably guess that the market share they captured is massive and it honestly doesn’t make sense for you to look for a HubSpot alternative when the CRM platform is already the best in the market.

Okay, it does make sense to look for a HubSpot alternative.

But only slightly because HubSpot doesn’t have a lot of drawbacks to talk about.

Before we jump right into the HubSpot alternatives, it is worth talking about the drawbacks that might be messing with your decision to choose HubSpot as your CRM.

HubSpot may be at the top of its game but there are a lot of baby CRM companies coming with almost the same features as HubSpot but at a much lower price.

hubspot home

You can probably guess the biggest flaw of HubSpot is the price to use the software. It doesn’t come cheap, and I think it’s kind of reasonable because the features are just extreme, I absolutely love them, you gotta appreciate HubSpot.

HubSpot is perfectly sufficient for you if you don’t mind the expensive monthly fees. For startups and small firms, it is, however, utterly unaffordable due to its escalating expenses.

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1. Zendesk

zendesk crm

Zendesk has a suite of products that combines a knowledge base, chatbot software, a self-service platform, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff that a typical CRM software has.

Ever asked for support service on some random internet company and they told you about some ‘ticket’ to wait in line for your customer service time to arrive?

Of course, you did, a lot of companies do this and Zendesk might be behind that functionality.

Support agents may more easily manage their workloads with the help of Zendesk’s ticket management services.

According to their areas of expertise, agents can be assigned tickets, and automated workflows can update tickets in response to specific events or after a predetermined amount of time.

A cool little underrated feature of this CRM!

zendesk pricing
Our Verdict:Zendesk is a great HubSpot alternative, it comes with almost as many features and has quite a low starting price compared to HubSpot which is good for small companies or startups

2. SendinBlue

For companies of all sizes, SendinBlue is a cloud-based marketing automation and email marketing platform.

sendinblue CRM

Email marketing, SMS marketing, and marketing automation are just a few of the capabilities it provides to assist organizations in developing, managing, and optimizing their marketing campaigns.

Businesses can construct email campaigns with SendinBlue by using a drag-and-drop email builder or one of the many pre-built templates that are offered.

Additionally, the program offers features for contact list management, signup form creation, and email sequence automation, making it simpler to connect with and engage with clients and prospects.

SendinBlue Pricing:
sendinblue pricing
Our Verdict: Just get the CRM - it has a free plan, not a lot of CRM tools offer that.

3. Zoho

For organizations of all sizes to manage their sales, marketing, and customer support activities, there is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool called Zoho CRM.

It offers a variety of capabilities that let companies track their sales funnel, manage customer interactions more effectively, and improve their marketing and sales processes.

Businesses can develop and manage leads, contacts, and deals with Zoho CRM. They can also keep track of their sales activity and provide reports to evaluate their success.

To top it off, the program provides tools for managing customer assistance, such as a ticketing system and a knowledge library to aid clients in finding the solutions to their problems.

Our Verdict: Zoho CRM is a strong and adaptable platform for companies wishing to manage client contacts, automate sales and marketing activities, and enhance overall performance. It is a well-liked option for organizations of all sizes and industries thanks to its user-friendly design, customisable dashboard, and rich feature set.

4. Salesforce

Another good HubSpot alternative for customer service is Salesforce Service Cloud.

(I think most of you have probably heard of Salesforce at some point in running your online business)

salesforce - hubspot alternative

Overall, it’s one of the greatest customer service solutions available, but as is the case with many of Salesforce’s products, it’s not cheap for the average online business startup.

Even though this CRM is a great piece of software – CRM software, it loses points for value for money.

For real though it doesn’t cut it for “bang for the buck”

salesforce pricing
Our Verdict: The Enterprise plan from Salesforce costs $150 per person, each month. Which is not so cheap for small businesses. Salesforce boasts stronger team architecture features for businesses and a vast library of integrations and that makes it a HubSpot alternative worth talking about. 

I think it is a great HubSpot alternative if you have a bigger team and have a fat budget 😅

5. Drip

This one is for all you SWAG marketers out there, as the name suggests, not using this CRM is tripping.

drip CRM

Drip is a Marketing automation CRM that is tailored towards e-commerce and that explains its crazy integrations with e-commerce CMS systems like WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Custom Stores, and a whole bunch of other popular e-commerce platforms.

Drip Pricing:
drip pricing
Our Verdict: If you have an ecommerce store then Drip might be one of the best CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms to use. The downside to this "Drip" Platform is the price, it doesn't come cheap.

6. ActiveCampaign

A particularly well-liked marketing automation tool for building funnels and email drip campaigns is ActiveCampaign.

active campaign - hubspot alternative

Activecampaign is an intriguing competitor to Hubspot for both B2B and B2C because it offers list segmentation possibilities, tagging, reporting, analytics, as well as Deals and CRM features.

You can simply drag and drop components to create an automated campaign using the visual automation canvas.

It’s that simple to use!

Once you get the hang of it (which you will do, because it is so beginner friendly ), there isn’t much training needed.

ActiveCampaign is a seamless start and comparatively simple to set up for firms searching for Marketing Automation and CRM on a budget especially if you already have a website.

ActiveCampaign Pricing:
activecampaign pricing - hubspot alternative
Our Verdict: For small to medium enterprises and consultants who are more conscious of their budgets, like the blue instead and wish to use marketing automation, Activecampaign is a great alternative to Hubspot. It works best with drip campaigns and automation. Unlike Hubspot ( the G.O.A.T) , it doesn't feature blogging or ad management.

7. GetResponse

getrpsonse hubspot alternative

GetResponse is a bit of a unique CRM software and by that I mean it comes with some features that you don’t usually find on a typical CRM like lead capture and marketing automation.

As a result, it is one of the 7 finest Hubspot alternatives for small and medium-sized organizations.

It also has an awesome free tier that allows you to test out the product before you upgrade to a paid plan.

GetResponse Pricing:
getresponse pricing
Our Verdict: There's no need for a verdict here, CRM has a free tier just go utilize it. It's not everyday you bump into free tools on the internet. Well except chatGPT.

Our Final Verdict

There you have it folks, the top 7 best HubSpot alternatives. Personally, I don’t think the mighty HubSpot has alternatives, it just has some CRM tools that somewhat try to mimic how HubSpot works and by that I mean, HubSpot is the number one goto CRM tool that every marketer and business owner should have.

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