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In today’s digital space or as I like to call it the Matrix, Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are gaining popularity as they assist firms in enhancing user engagement and adoption, onboarding and training, and analytics and metrics.

But which one to choose?

This is a very common question that everyone raises when they are about to buy something and that too, something long-term.

Not to worry though in this article I’ll break down the 7 Best Digital Adoption Platforms for 2023 and briefly review them so that you don’t choose the wrong digital adoption software.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

The software known as a digital adoption platform (DAP) is made to assist users in getting the most out of any web- or cloud-based application. It readily connects with other programs (like Salesforce) and employs a number of on-screen suggestions (workflows) to let users navigate its capabilities on their own.

According to LemonLearning

There are generally two cases of digital adoption platforms which are:

Product Adoption

With the use of user data gleaned from onboarding and training workflows as well as user feedback, discover where and why users struggle with their product.

To enhance workflows and adjust software, create data and human-driven decisions (e.g., personalized training, new integrations).

There’s more to it than just that and that is why big firms like to use these platforms to get the job done. More on that later!

Employee Adoption

Directly within software programs, you can promote employee engagement and retention by providing step-by-step onboarding, training, and support for features, updates, procedures, and digital transformation initiatives.

If this doesn’t sound cool already, nothing will!

Users may confidently study and train thanks to a range of microlearning formats and an autonomous learning technique.

How can a digital adoption platform help your organization?

You need to first answer the big questions!

Are your teams having trouble learning their software programs? Are you having trouble motivating your employees?

If that’s your organization or online business, well then there is a solution to all those problems.

Fire those employees and that’s just about it.

Okay, don’t fire your team it is very important to your organization and usually it is hard to rebuild the culture you will have created for your organization. They best way to deal with your team having trouble using software programs is by using a digital adoption software.

By encouraging employee participation, digital adoption platforms improve conventional and ineffective training. DAPs identify concerns with user performance so that organizations can:

  • Reduce support costs
  • Personalize training
  • Improve employee onboarding
  • Monitor change managemen

How does a Digital Adoption Platform work?

An organization’s software investments are maximized with the help of a digital adoption platform. As help is included into the software, training becomes considerably more effective.

Hey, every firm has to be effective!

The DAPs reduce the number of IT help desk tickets by promptly identifying the primary software problem areas. The analysis gathered by the DAP can also be used by management to guarantee proper procedures.

The finest DAP has numerous programs that provide beginning users with more support than is physically practicable. If you identify the perfect platform, it will be the only one you ever require for digital adoption.

Efficiency will filter down to the customer experience at every level of business. Customers’ needs must come first.

1. WalkMe

Without the need to edit or modify the functionality of a program, Walkme offers businesses no-code user adoption and training content development solutions to increase user adoption for their customers and staff.

digital adoption platform - walkme

Companies can produce in-app tooltips, walkthroughs, and more using Walkme, enabling end users to learn how to use an app while they are currently using it.

Key Features:

  • Code-free editor
  • In-app guidance and training using walkthroughs
  • API and advanced API support (exclusively custom plans)
  • User segmentation support
  • Search and knowledge base
  • Unlimited walkthrough (exclusively custom plans)


walkme - pricing

2. Whatfix

Whatfix is a top digital adoption platform that gives businesses the resources they need to develop in-app instructions, offer on-demand self-help support, and collect and evaluate product statistics. This enables them to get the most out of their software applications.

Most users find it difficult to navigate and appreciate a new app ( if ever, I know right its a cruel world we live in )

DAP - whatfix

Whatfix helps businesses increase employee onboarding and training, deliver real-time performance assistance, lessen the effects of change management and digital transformation, and maximize the return on investment (ROI) from enterprise software investments.

Key Features:

  • Multi-language support
  • Ready-made reports and dashboards
  • In-app interactive guides 
  • Contextualized content
  • Personalized user onboarding


whatfix pricing - DAP

3. Pendo

pendo DAP

Pendo is a product experience DAP solution primarily geared toward product teams trying to increase software adoption.

Product teams can use real-user analytics with Pendo to pinpoint the areas of an app where users are experiencing pain points. It also has digital employee adoption features for self-service support, ongoing employee development, and training new hires.

Key Features:

  • Segmented analytics
  • User feedback management for road mapping
  • In-app guidance and training using walkthroughs
  • User and account-level analytics


Pendo DAP pricing

4. Appcues

A digital adoption platform called Appcues was primarily created for product teams who are mapping out the customer satisfaction path.

appcues DAP

Teams can obtain consumer and staff feedback on how users interact with features and how to make improvements.

Appcues places a strong emphasis on onboarding by offering in-app instruction, feedback gathering, and tailored workflows.

A code-free editor for creating and measuring user onboarding procedures is included in the DAP.

(Everyone loves no-code tools like – here’s one for you)

Key Features:

  • Custom dashboards and data visualizations to track and measure adoption processes
  • No-code onboarding and adoption workflow builder
  • User segmentation for contextual in-app messages based on user behavior


appcues pricing DAP

5. userpilot

Through behavior-driven product experiences, Userpilot assists product, UX, and customer success teams in increasing user adoption.

userpilot DAP

On top of your product, create stunning, individualized, and highly adjustable experiences to pave the road for you!

Improve new signup onboarding quickly, activate interactive suggestions when they’re appropriate, and aid users in appreciating the value

— all this without writing any code.

Key Features:

  • Survey Implementation
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Behavior-responsive Messaging
  • Text Bubble Walkthroughs
  • Audio-visual Walkthroughs


userpilot pricing

6. Apty

The digital adoption platform Apty is perfect for businesses looking for scalable adoption. Organizations have the option of exporting in-app material as well as linking their current LMS content to the platform.

apty DAP

Apty has a focus on the installation and analysis of surveys and integrates with a wide range of analytics tools, including Mixpanel, Microsoft Forms, and Google Forms.

Key Features:

  • Customizable in-app tooltips and walkthroughs
  • Training and analytics features for measuring employee adoption
  • On-screen guidance


 N/A – Contact for a custom quote

7. Userlane

Most people confuse this with Userpilot but these are two completely different digital adoption platforms.

userlane DAP

Userlane is a code-free digital adoption solution designed for businesses that want to speed up the adoption of new software and digital transformation processes, automate and improve user experiences, and support and mentor large numbers of software users.

Any browser-based software application may be enhanced with this digital adoption technology by adding a guiding layer that facilitates the creation of interactive in-app content and offers user-friendly on-demand support.

Key Features:

  • Product Engagement
  • Automation
  • Behavior-responsive Messaging
  • Text Bubble Walkthroughs
  • Workflows


 N/A – Contact for a custom quote


Each of these platforms provides a wealth of functionality and opportunities for customization, along with affordable pricing and strong customer service.

And all of them are fortunately code free, which is what you all guys want.

It’s crucial to compare the capabilities, costs, and features of each platform to choose which one best suits your needs and is in line with your company’s objectives.

Digital Adoption Platforms are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital landscape, as they help organizations improve user engagement and adoption, onboarding and training, and analytics and metrics.

By using a Digital Adoption Platform, you can improve the user experience, increase adoption, and drive business results.

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