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Most people in our Online Business and Startup Coach Facebook Community have asked this popular question: Why should I start an online business, what are the benefits of starting an online business?

How about this, here’s a question for you:

Why not?

I mean you got nothing to lose. Instead, you have internet money to download.

There are so many reasons why you should start an online business in 2023 and this article is going to cover most of them. At least the most important reasons you should know.

Besides working from home and enjoying flexible hours and earning money while you are asleep, there are a shit ton of advantages of having an online business that you should look at.

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Reach the Entire Matrix

Unlike a traditional brick-and-mortar business, you are not limited to your garage and that ability to reach anywhere in the world without going there is just insane.

Whatever online business idea you are trying to pull off, just know that you will have an insane audience reach.


The digital population is having a baby boom, access to the internet is becoming cheaper and cheaper and the whole technology of smart devices is spreading all over the world even to the poorest countries.

Having this ability to reach an unlimited number of customers from continents all over the world gives you the power to potentially sell your product or service to over 4 billion people on the internet.

Of course, not all of them are going to buy whatever you are selling. It’s still fine, but maybe 100,000 will buy your $10 eBook and that will make you a millionaire.

The fact that your eBook doesn’t require any capital to make, you just use Google Docs and Canva to generate the Cover Page and then write your content, create a website for your eBook (very easy to do so), and then sell it.

You can use Ads to push it all over the internet and watch sales go through the roof.

Now that’s on paper!


You are going to have some challenges selling your eBook which is why it is important to write about a trending topic that people are willing to buy.

Not only an eBook though, any service you have still has those potential customers waiting for it.

Don’t have an online business idea? Check out this free 200+ page eBook with 21+ online business ideas explained in detail on how to get started.

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Low to no Operational Cost

Who pays office rent in 2023?

If that’s you, you gotta change the way you run your business buddy.

With an online business, you don’t need an office space because you and your team can work from home and collaborate online using various tools.

Heck, that’s why it is called an online business, why the heck would you need an office for?

The only operational cost you might need are hosting fees for your website or podcast and maybe a few premium tools and that’s it.

Most premium tools charge less than $200 to use them the entire year.

Hosting is even way cheaper! With Bluehost you can host your website for less than $3 per month, sign up now using this link!

Ohh, I almost forgot!

No stationery cost, everything is done and stored online.

The Only Paper you are going to hold are hundred dollar bills.

Available 24/7

You have to get in the shoes of a customer for this one.

Say you like MCU superheroes, there’s this comic book about Spooder Man (the hero, the world gets) you want to buy and you didn’t have money all along, until the last day of the comic book promotion. You rush to the store and unfortunately you get there late – the store is closed. F**.

How does it feel?

It’s a lose-lose situation. The business owner just lost a customer, and a customer just lost a product.

Having an online business could have solved this issue.

The customer wouldn’t have left his/her home, an online store could have solved this $hit.

Being available 24/7 helps not only your business but your customer too. It saves time for both worlds and makes the whole buying process a little bit easier.

Online shops tend to come with search filters and a whole lot of cool features that save your time. No need to roam around the shop looking for the cheapest hoodie when you can just set a price limit on your search and have all cheap options in one place.

Get your business online people!!

Better Customer Support

Rather than your customers having to wait in long queues just to get support or

Traveling long a$$ distances to your HQ for customer support,

they can do it in the comfort of their homes. This is probably one of the best things about having an online business. Not only for you but for the customer as well.

Happy customers = great business. That’s one down on your customer satisfaction bucket list.

Besides, you can ghost them if you want.

Just kidding that’s bad business. That is one of the most common mistakes online business startups make.

Never ghost a customer, it’s just bad.

Operate while you travel

Nothing beats a business model that you can operate and run anywhere you are in the milky way galaxy. The Matrix!!

great wall of china

Having an online business means that you are not tied down to a physical location and that ladies and gentlemen, may be the best pro yet at starting an online business.

Wanna visit Spain, lo entendiste

Your entire office is a laptop which means you can work anywhere. Work while you travel.

And you get to say “I am in China on a business trip”

Why not? Writing an article on the Great Wall is for a business cause.


Convinced you want to start a business?

Of course, you are! And I have written a well-detailed step-by-step article, probably the best on the internet about how to make your own WordPress website in very easy beginner-friendly steps.

Not to say a website is necessary for your online business but……

It kinda is. I mean….. that’s your office.

The best part is, it is very easy to make one. Just follow these steps here and in under 30 minutes you can have something that looks like this 👇

astra starter templates
Astra Starter Templates

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Is it expensive to start an Online Business?

I don’t know, is it?
Of course, it is, you can do so for less than $3 dollars a month. That is just the cost of hosting a website using Bluehost.
Insane right?

Why online business is popular nowadays?

An online business can generate income 24/7, even while you’re sleeping. There are no physical limits and no set working hours. An internet business can succeed with a well-thought-out social media strategy, SEO tactics, and paid media tactics.

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