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Have a minute to listen to our story? Course you do! 

Our Background

My co-founder (@vigilance_nyoni) and I (@bhekumuzi_t) started the lyncteck blog to help startups avoid some of the common mistakes new entrepreneurs make. We learned these mistakes the hard way, there were nice tools to automate some of the repetitive tasks a startup has and we didn’t know about any of those. We also learned a lot about running a startup and online businesses, through YouTube(yes YT) eBooks, audiobooks, and some podcasts as you can tell, we have gained a lot of knowledge about startups over the years.

- Our story timeline -

Here’s a time frame of the skills we learnt over the years.

Jun 2017
A programmer was born

It is this year were I wrote my first line of code and it wasn’t a “hello world”. Vigilance was read a lot of books about …anything related to startups really. He was obsessed with Silicon Valley and the growth mindset

Dec 2019
Another Programmer was added to Cart

Vigilance also started learning programming and he had this idea of creating a health app that will let you know what sickness you have based on the symptoms you input. I also started reading books.

Dec 2020
Silicon Valley Obsession became serious

We all know Silicon Valley is the capital city of the milky way galaxy, its the mindset and connection of the people there that we desired to be part of. Today we still dream of going there.

May 2022
Lyncteck is Born

After running a small startup to help students find student accommodation in our country, we decided to start a blog to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you avoid some of the common mistakes that slows you down unnecessarily and we also dedicated this blog to help you start a successful online business.

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