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Everyone wants traffic right, traffic is very important in this day and age, with more traffic you get more Ad revenue, more engagements, more people clicking your affiliate links and you getting rich. I should have titled this article “how to get rich fast” because traffic is definitely the answer when it comes to blogging and website monetization. This guide will show you 8 ways to increase your website traffic fast, stick to the end!

You recently started your blog and it’s not getting enough traffic or you have been blogging for a while now and your website is pretty lonely and you feel like calling it a webdesert. This guide will help you increase your website traffic fast and this will also result in your website ranking higher on Google.

If you haven’t started a blog yet start here. Blogging is getting more popular and people are making money from blogging you might want to check it out.

Getting more traffic is easy actually if you just follow these 8 ways to increase your website traffic and you will thank me later.


ways to increase website traffic

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are still popular and a lot of people are using them, you can find a niche group with over a million people in it. These groups are a great way to get traffic if you use them the right way. The trick is to join as many as you can in your niche or similar niches and submit posts which link back to your website. Post in the groups every time you publish a new article people must know your blog is active and updated.

Don’t just post stuff about your blog that will appear as scammy. Post strategically and by that I mean answer people’s questions. Don’t forget to include a “check out more content on this topic on my website” and then link back to your blog.

If you just post randomly like you own the group, admins might ban you, well, unless they don’t. Make sure to engage a lot and provide valuable information so that people will start trusting you. The more people trust you, the more they click on your profile, and hopefully, your profile has a link to your website and thus more traffic.

Just try it out I bet everyone has a Facebook account. So go join groups around your niche and start answering people’s questions. If they don’t post questions here’s a trick, have your buddy post a question and you answer the question. Don’t forget to link back to your website, after all, its the whole reason you posting the article on the groups.

That’s how it is sometimes people don’t know what questions to ask so having your buddy post questions will not only help you but other group participants as well.

Facebook gets a lot of traffic a month around 2.93 billion active users are using Facebook per month. That’s insane right!! It won’t hurt to hijack a couple of thousands to your website and all you have to do is post, post and post.

Don’t post too much and don’t post too little, I recommend 4 posts per day. You can experiment, its a free world.

SEO optimization

How can you get traffic from Google if your website is not optimized for Google Search Results. There are many tools and plugins to help improve your website’s SEO. I only recommend these three, any plugin other than these, I advise you to stay away.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. RankMathSEO

You can’t go wrong with any of these and they have featureful free versions. Rank Math SEO has the best free version and you can add up to 5 focus keywords to your posts using the free version. Yoast only has 1, but the Yoast Premium version is an SEO arsenal.

Personally, I have never used AIO SEO but I read a lot of articles praising it, I guess it is good enough I will try it out and give you feedback.

When your website is SEO optimized you will start getting more traffic from organic searches. This method takes time and your website doesn’t rank to #1 overnight. You have to keep updating your blog, writing fresh unique high-quality content. Make sure you improve your website speed as this affect how google bots rank your website.

Just keep your core web vitals at their best. You can check your website speed using

Write content, Write more content

Ladies and Gentlemen this is very important. You have to keep writing content and also write long posts, I recommend writing blog posts over 1500 words. For more content writing tips read this article about how to write good blog content.

Good quality content results in your readers engaging with your website and once Google recognizes that then boom!! I guarantee you, you will start to see results. When you post regularly your readers will start to subscribe to your email list. Even the Google bots will start crawling your website more often.

People don’t want to sign-up for some freakin ghost website that last published a post, months and months ago. They’ll think you probably burned out or you abandoned your website or whatever they might think. So you really have to publish your posts frequently.

You better have a content calendar, plan your content strategy, and release posts at least once a week, guys this is important at least once a week.

For the best results, if your blog is new try 3 posts a week, I know that is a lot but you gotta work hard to see the best results.

Avoid keyword stuffing

You got an SEO plugin and it’s yelling at you the more keyword density you have the better the result. Don’t think “heck I found a way to hack Google bots.” I have never seen or heard how the Google algorithm was written or is written, but I can assure you that it’s not a sequence of simple IF-ELSE statements. It is way more advanced than that and once Google finds out you’ve been repeatedly including your keyword in every sentence, you might get penalized. Stay safe.

Legend has it, that Google likes it when your posts are all interlinked. Some blogger once said, Google sees your blog as a book and each post is a chapter in that book. And that is why it is also important for your blog to be centered around a specific niche. It all has to be interlinked.

Outbound links are also important, Google has to see that your website is participating with other websites on the internet and you will start to see your website ranking on Google. And when it ranks high enough to the first page, you will start seeing more visitors to your website. Even the second page is good enough. Keep fighting for that top spot. No matter the niche. You can do it.

Backlinks are the most important guys, the first months of your blogging journey, you must focus on content and link building. You can use websites like freelancer to find SEO companies that can charge you a certain amount to make backlinks to your website.

Backlinks are links that refer back to you website


When your content is good enough and unique, you need any backlinks. Links will build themselves naturally, especially when your post is backed by research and numbers, people are too lazy to do the calculations and so what they do is to look for someone who already done the stats and use their figures, and then refer to you when they repost your content.

Google My Business

If your blog provides another service besides blogging, for instance, if you do consulting(which I highly recommend) on your website then Google business is the way to go. With Google Business, you get the opportunity of ranking higher than established competitors. Google Business has become sort of like a search engine of its own.

Say your website provides financial consulting, when someone in LA searches for “financial consultation in LA or near me”. Google Business will list companies registered on Google business before it shows other web results. An opportunity to outrank high domain authority websites right? Yeah, I know it’s crazy.

Go ahead and register your blog to Google My Business. I always tell my readers that treat your blog as a start-up and that start-up as their passion that way you will never burn out even if you blog about things you’re not passionate about, you will realize yourself starting to like what you are doing. Treating your blog like a start-up increases your odds of success. It also makes you committed and go all in on your blog.

Social Media Platforms

Create social media profiles on all social media platforms you know and when you publish a post update all your social media profiles and you will start to notice your traffic going up. Register on every popular social media platform. Pinterest has great potential to drive huge amounts of traffic to your blog.

In all those social media platforms also create groups, discussion groups, about something in your niche, and that way even people not following you will get updated when you post something. It’s a great way to establish a connection with your audience.

Be active on all the platforms, always post something every day on all the social media platforms. Always reply to your user’s comments, they like that, it shows you care about them, and your audience will organically grow as they start sharing your post and inviting more people to follow. You audience will grow exponentially, with time.

Answering questions on forum websites

This is another great way to increase your website traffic. Those forum websites have many many visitors a month and you should take advantage of that and drive some of the traffic to your website.

So to do this you need to actively answer questions, and add value to people, and on each answer you provide a link to a post you have written about that answers that question(it’s important to have existing articles, lots of them). Engage with people, get your name out there, you can become popular within your niche without evening noticing.

Here’s a list of forum websites to join:

  1. Quora
  2. Reddit
  3. Tesla(the tesla you know)
  4. Yahoo Answers
  5. Stack Overflow (devs are you there)
  6. Github


Just follow these steps you will start to see results. The more traffic you get …..You know, you get rich. I think its safe to say a website is valued by the number of monthly visitors. When you get enough traffic check out this article about monetizing your blog.

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