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Although one of the most well-known affiliate networks for internet marketers and business owners is Clickbank, there are a shit ton of other options as well. I know some of you can’t access ClickBank because it is not available in your country yet, don’t get your hopes down yet in this article I will share with you, the top 7 ClickBank alternatives to make you money in 2023.

ClickBank is a great service but unfortunately, it is not available in every country and for that reason, some online business owners – bloggers to be specific, can’t maximize their earning potential due to this reason.

As an online business owner, I know how bad that can be.

Not to worry though, there are other great affiliate networks you can choose from, aside from ClickBank.

And I am going to review them.

1. JVZoo

A zoo of affiliate programs – that’s how I’ll define JVZoo.

This affiliate network specialized more in digital products such as software and e-books. We all know these type of products have high conversions right. Not geographical limitations or stuff like and that is why it is one of the best affiliate networks to join if your blog is more focused on tech products.

Besides digital products, JVZoo offers a wide range of affiliate programs to join in various niches, including internet marketing, health, and personal development.

JVZoo offers 60-day cookies and commission rates of up to 90%.

(Not exactly – but, but that is what you can get depending on the program and other factors, its the possibility)

JVZoo backs the CPS commission scheme (i.e. Cost Per Sale). As a result, once an affiliate joins this network, they get paid for any successful sales of goods, programs, or services.

Just like ClickBank

The affiliate marketing offerings that highlight compelling benefits for their products and have a reduced return rate perform well with this commission arrangement.

Any money the affiliate earned from the sale is returned when a consumer requests a refund, marking the transaction as failed.

  • Signup URL:  JVZoo affiliate program
  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Cookie duration: Varies
  • Product types: Software products
  • Payment terms: Instant
Minimum Withdrawal

When you sign up with JVZoo, you can withdraw or transfer money into your bank account after earning at least $50 because JVZoo has a $50 minimum payout requirement.

JVZoo supports numerous payment methods, including PayPal, BlueSnap,, Zift, Stripe, Check, and Direct Deposit.

Our Verdict: One of the main ClickBank substitutes for affiliate networks is JVZoo. Additionally, it sells digital goods. The fact that JVZoo offers more payment alternatives than ClickBank suggests that it can be a good choice for international affiliate marketers.

One more thing - the dashboard just looks amazing.

2. ShareASale

This affiliate network called ShareASale provides a wide selection of goods and services, such as physical goods, digital goods, and subscriptions.

It provides a vast selection of goods in numerous markets, such as fashion, technology, and travel. ShareASale provides compensation rates of up to 50% and 30-day cookies.

To top it off, ShareASale features a method that quickly weeds out affiliate marketers that are ineffective or underperforming. While doing so, it doesn’t always warn them.

(It’s called a french exit)

As a result, ShareASale might not be the greatest network to utilize if you’re just starting out or if you want to try out some novel affiliate marketing strategies.

Let’s learn more about this so-called CPS network and determine if it’s a good fit for you.

During the early days of joining ShareASale we hardly made any sales, let alone traffic to the affiliate programs, and fortunately, they didn’t ghost us.

Affiliates at ShareASale can choose from a wide variety of commission structures. It supports the following commission types: CPA (cost per acquisition), CPL (cost per lead), CPS (cost per sale), and CPC (cost per click).

Depending on the kind of commission scheme the merchant offers, the affiliates’ commission rates for each product can vary greatly.

Having a wide range of product options can assist you in developing a plan that maximizes your ROI.

  • Signup URL:  ShareASale affiliate network
  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Cookie duration: Varies
  • Product types: Physical products and digital services
  • Payment terms: Net 30
Minimum Withdrawal

ShareASale has a default minimum payment threshold of $50. If for some reason you want to increase the payment threshold, you can do so.

Our verdict: For affiliate marketers looking for a wider selection of tangible goods, ShareASale is a good choice. In contrast to ClickBank's comprehensive database, ShareASale provides some top-notch physical product offers.

However, due to its stringent selection procedures, becoming an associate with this network can be difficult if you're a beginner. In fact, underperforming affiliates may repeatedly and abruptly be kicked off the system.

3. Amazon Associates

The e-commerce behemoth Amazon offers an affiliate program called Amazon Associates.

Aside from low commission, this is probably one of the best affiliate networks anyone can join. Yes even beginners.

It provides a wide selection of goods in numerous markets, such as fashion, electronics, and home goods.

You can promote anything that is for sale on Amazon. It has literally something for everyone to promote.

Up to 10% in commissions are available through Amazon Associates, and cookies last for 24 hours.

Talk about “how long do you last?”, better ask for Amazon Associates!

Additionally, they provide a vast array of resources and support for affiliates, such as a knowledge library, webinars, and a community forum.

Just like any other program out there.

Amazon also has some strict rules compared to other programs and if you don’t get any sale for your first 90 days…..

You guessed it, they kick you out. At least you get a notice, way better than a french exit.

They also remind you of that when your 90 days are about to end.

And don’t ask me how I know that!

Minimum Withdrawal

The minimal check payment amount to Amazon is $100. Although several partners have asked for greater thresholds, it nevertheless permits its affiliates to choose their own minimum rewards (over $100).

  • Signup URL:  Amazon Associates Program
  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Product types: Pretty much anything you can think of
  • Payment terms: Net 90
Our Verdict: If you're interested in a bigger selection of goods, Amazon Affiliates is an excellent choice for you. In addition, it is beginner-friendly because anyone may register as an affiliate very easily. The disadvantage of Amazon is that ClickBank gives up to 75% commissions, while Amazon offers incredibly low commission rates (often 1% to 3%) for their best-selling products (or higher).

4. Rakuten Marketing

Unlike some other affiliate networks that provide a combination of physical and digital products, Rakuten Advertising is largely renowned for listing physical goods.

For its affiliate marketing recruits, Rakuten likewise has a stringent selection process. As a newbie affiliate marketer, I can say right away that Rakuten might not be one of your top affiliate networks.

It’s a big might – we don’t know how exactly they select their marketers but, you can get lucky.

Even after being accepted as an associate with Rakuten, you must still apply separately for each offer there.

When accepted into the network, this is definitely one of the best ClickBank Alternatives you can try.

They continuously provide a wide variety of goods for partners including New Balance, Ray-Ban, Sephora, Guess, Lacoste, Walmart, and many more.

  • Signup URL:  Rakuten Advertising
  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Cookie duration: Varies
  • Product types: Physical products and digital services
  • Payment terms: Net 60
Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum payout on Rakuten is $50. Rakuten only issues net 60 payments. Simply said, this indicates that you will be paid after 60 days of generating commissions.

Our Verdict: Rakuten should be a top pick for more seasoned affiliates looking for a ClickBank alternative, especially publishers with a reliable affiliate website. Rakuten is a great option if you want to advertise actual goods!

Additionally, because Rakuten offers a variety of commission plans, you have considerable freedom in developing and putting into practice the most lucrative plan for your affiliate marketing business!

5. CJ

Working with CJ will be the complete reverse of what ClickBank affiliates are used to.

There is a procedure for applying.

(darn, I hate that process – it’s beginner stressful)

You could be turned down; many new affiliates are.

(sorry if you haven’t faced any rejections lately but it’s a growing process. Expect rejection in some point in your life)

Even after being accepted, you must still apply to each advertiser separately.

(Cause everyone deserves a second chance)

However, it will be worthwhile because you will have access to well-known brands that you won’t find on ClickBank.

  • Signup URL:  Commission Junction
  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Cookie duration: Varies 
  • Product types: Physical products and digital services
  • Payment terms: Net $30
Minimum Payout

Within 20 days of earning it, CJ Affiliate allows you to withdraw your commission as long as you have a minimum balance of $50 for direct deposit or $100 for checks. CJ Affiliate provides Payoneer as a payment option for their overseas affiliate partners.

Out Verdict: Professionals in affiliate marketing that wish to collaborate with more exclusive businesses on the market often turn to CJ Affiliate as their go-to platform. It also enjoys a solid reputation in the market, which makes it a fantastic option for those who want to explore but want to take on the least amount of risk possible.

6. eBay Partner Network

In addition to distributing physical health supplements more lately, ClickBank is best known for its digital goods.

Most marketers believe eBay exclusively carries “used” things, although 80% of the goods offered there are actually brand-new.

And that covers a variety of software items, online classes, and dietary supplements.

To sift out plainly pirated software and other dubious things, you will need to sort through the digital offers.

  • Signup URL:  eBay Partner network
  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Product types: Everything
  • Payment terms: Net 30
Our Verdict: eBay is a really good affiliate Network and it is worth a shot. We definetely recommend it as one of the best ClickBank Alternatives.

7. Impact

I don’t see a lot of people talking about this affiliate network.

I don’t know why, but this is one of the most underrated affiliate networks to join. We enrolled late in 2022 and they are doing a great job in terms of support and how you create links. I see the best companies offering affiliate programs in that affiliate network.

Huge companies like Bluehost have their affiliate programs hosted on Impact. Not just Bluehost, but Shopify, Hostinger, Lenovo, Upwork and other affiliate programs as well.

  • Signup URL:  Impact Partner network
  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Cookie duration: Varies
  • Product types: Digital and Physical Products Mostly in the tech space.
  • Payment terms: Net 50
Our Verdict: This is my favorite affiliate network. Since using this platform in 2022, I have never had a problem. It has a reliable tracking system and will show the most recent findings in the following two to three hours.

It has a great UI dashboard too. I don't know if that's a valid point, but I genuinely like a good looking website.

(Hey…if you haven’t started affiliate marketing yet, check out this guide on how to start an affiliate marketing business and make your first $100 online.


Each of these affiliate networks provides a large selection of goods and services, competitive commission rates, and affiliate support.

It’s critical to compare each option’s features, costs, and functionalities in order to select the one that most closely matches your requirements and appeals to your target market.

While these affiliate networks are regarded as some of the best in the business, there are plenty of other reliable affiliate networks available.

Researching and comparing several networks is essential to determine which one best fits your audience and niche because each network has its own set of policies, commission schedules, and product offerings.

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