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Your blog has the potential of making a 6 figures income a year or more. If you choose the right monetization strategy you’ll find yourself quitting your day job and make money while you travel. Well, If this sounds too exaggerated go check out Adam Enfroy’s income reports and many other successful bloggers share their income reports with their readers to motivate them to start their own blogs, with that said am going to share with you 5 ways to make money from your blog. If you don’t have one start here. Otherwise, here’s how to monetize your blog.

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Affiliate Disclosure

Before you can monetize your blog you should be having traffic. YEAH, a whole bunch of readers we talking thousands here, hundreds of thousands.

Don’t freak out just yet, it is indeed possible to grow that kind of traffic on your blog you just have to write good content and keep publishing posts consistently. You also have to optimize your blog for search engines. With these simple tips, you can grow your traffic to over 100,000/month read our article on ways to increase your website traffic.

However, some monetization methods don’t require that much traffic, now let’s dive into the ways to monetize your blog.

We all hate that 9 to 5 job eyy! Here’s how to quit if you have a blog

1. Affiliate Marketing

The first and by far the best way to monetize your blog is affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is when you earn a commission by promoting someone else’s product on your website using custom links created for you.


I bet you saw that affiliate disclaimer at the top there, that is to comply with the terms and conditions of the affiliate networks we join and yeah we do any a commission when you use promotional links in this article and I am going to teach you to do the same.

Now that you know what affiliating marketing is, let’s look at how that can make your blog a money printing machine.

That’s how to monetize a blog.

Affiliate commissions depend on the niche and affiliate program or company you signed up for.

Affiliate Programs

There are affiliate programs that pay as high as $1000, yes and I mean the United States Dollar, and some pay as low as 5% of a 10 dollar product. Some affiliate programs offer recurring revenue which is good right you can predict your blog’s monthly recurring revenue.

To make money with affiliate marketing you have to write content promoting the products you want to earn commission from.

Say you have a website about interior home design.You can promote a certain sofa for instance and when someone buys that sofa through your website link you earn mostly 5%-30% of that product’s sale price. Assuming the sofa was $300 and the commission is 10% you will earn $30 and if you have enough traffic and 100 people buy that sofa through your website, you do the calculation.

And it’s for that sofa only, yes $3k. That’s affiliate marketing for you right there.

Recurring revenue is usually for a subscription service and in most cases, web hosting companies are the ones that provide recurring revenue. This is because the customer will keep paying monthly and since you’re the one who referred the customer to them they kindly keep reminding you what a good job you did.

There are some blog posts that cannot be monetized by affiliate marketing and these are usually informational posts.

For example when you write a post with the title “how to cook rice”. There is no affiliate link that can possibly convert in that post, the reader is looking for information on how to cook. He probably has the rice already, the stove and the cutlery to make that meal, he just wants to know how, although you can recommend some better utensils but for the moment he’d be looking for a recipe. That’s where Ad-Revenue comes in.

You can read Adam Enfroy’s income reports and see how he made money with affiliate marketing.

2. Advertisements

You have a post that has high traffic and you can’t seem to find a way to monetize that post. Well there is Ad – revenue, I’m sure there is no need to define what an Ad is, okay let me define it just in case.

An Ad is that annoying banner that you see on media websites mostly. Yeah that thing with changing images and sometimes have a fake download button so that you click it instead of the actual file you wanna download, usually on scammy websites


I am pleased to say that this might be the best definition of an Ad yet. But guess what, it can make you a lot of money if placed correctly. I know I know you also probably don’t click on an Ad, then who the hell does ????

Everyone does, by mistake in most cases. The good thing about Ads you can paid when someone clicks on the ad. Yes, just a click, its called CPC ( cost per click ).

There are many Ad networks you can join. Here’s a list with a short description for each.

i. Google AdSense

You don’t need thousands of monthly visitors to join. The downside of Google AdSense is that it pays out the least, about $2 -$6 per 1000 pageviews, it depends on your region of operation and category of Ads.

Also, it is a shit ton of pain in the as* for your website to get approved on Google AdSense. You have to make sure you follow all their guidelines and you have a little bit of so-called “high-quality content”.

All Martin Lawrence and I know is quality time, what the heck is quality content, high-quality content. Learn how to write the high-quality killer blog content on the this article here.

ii. Media Vine

With this one, expect to earn several times more money(~$40) per 1000 pageviews. But you gonna have to make sure your website gets tons of traffic per month to be accepted to their program. We are talking 50 000 page views per month and you gonna need to learn how to drive that amount of traffic to your website.

iii. AdThrive

Pretty much close to Media Vine but with a much lower entry barrier.

iv. Ezoic

Also requires high traffic to be accepted to their program. Has good payouts per 1000pageviews.

These guys now have an ACCESS NOW program that has no entry barrier. You can start popping ads to your website from day 1, no question asked. I had trouble getting accepted by Google Ad Manager and to avoid that make sure website is in order. The navigation is clear and easy, you have a privacy-policy page, Just try to stay by the guidelines google provides.

There are a lot right, heck yeah, who even reads that stuff, You must read all those to increase your chances of being accepted. When you get rejected you can always try again, the window is always open. I recommend you have a bit of unique content on your website before you can apply to any google ad service thingy.

Certainly one to the best strategies on how to make money from your blog.

3. Selling a digital product

You can earn large amounts of money by selling online courses to your readers. Have a skill? create a course teaching people how to do whatever you do. I am a software engineer and I can make money by selling programming courses. It is a great way to make money.

You can sell anything digital, if you don’t want to sit in front of a camera and talk to yourself then write an e-book, slides, audiobooks anything people can pay for and start making money online.

Good thing is, you don’t need enormous traffic to get your products bought. They just have to be worth the price you give. You know a thing about digital products….No shipping, no raw materials. Just sacrifice a month creating a course and sell it for $300 and even if 10 people buy it. You can see the numbers are just too high.

Well let’s assume you created a killer course and 1000 of your 10 000 readers bought the course. You’d be ballin’ in a Lamborghini right now, okay that would be a bad investment but probably the decision I’d take haha. Its a Lambo.

Follow @lyncteck on Twitter for more friendly neighborhood financial advice on how to monetize a blog.

4. Create a membership

This one is simple right?

Yeah it is,

I will just install the PaidMembershipsPro plugin and have you guys pay me like, a dollar a month to access my amazing content. If I have over 500 000 readers a month. In 2 months I will be having what will take me 50 years to raise if I was a … name it.

When you have a course or courses you might want your readers to keep subscribing to keep learning your skills and there are many plugins for having your readers subscribe to your blog there’s an article about the top 5 membership plugins for WordPress.

5. Consulting

This might not be the option for most of you, but it sure is a legit way to generate revenue through your website with the lowest traffic, you can start making money from day one with this and all you need is a “work with me” page.

Offer consulting services and charge say $200/hr depending on how you value yourself in my case my programming lesson can set you back like $3 000/hour, make it $4 000 if you want to learn how to center a div. I mean it’s not just about the skill your time gotta be worth it right? As for all of you, I’d advise you to charge not more than a $1k/hour unless you do.


Well there you have it fellow bloggers or website owners, the 5 ways to make money from your blog, that’s how you become a millionaire online and have your friends wonder where the heck you got the money from. Just tell them “I do blogcraft, its some online voodoo thing where I generate money while am asleep and wake up to see my Impact Radius account having $1000 more.”

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