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You don’t know what you wanna blog about, you scared that if you choose a niche it would not be profitable, well fear not for I have come up with a list of 5 most profitable blog niches that will set you up for success.

There many niches to blog about, you know. If the niche you’re passionate about isn’t in my list its totally fine there are ways to monetize your blog and usually unpopular niches have less competition so with that said you’ll start making money earlier than the ones who blog about the niches I will list below.

You can learn to be passionate about a niche you don’t know about. Start a blog and treat that blog as a start-up and that startup as your passion, that way will begin to develop positive attitude towards that niche and keep researching and learning as much as you can so that you don’t blog wrong information to your readers, you don’t want them angry at your content. Trust me.


“Blogging is my hobby” well year people with low traffic and making no money hide behind that statement. Stay away from it, its dwelling in a negative comfort zone, its like your sub-conscience doesn’t want to accept that you literally bleeding around $3/month in hosting and staying long hours writing articles. To only to consider it a hobby. Okay maybe it is, but why are you reading this article.

Blogging is not a hobby, do everything strategically. In this post am going to help you choose a niche to blog about. Choose something close to your passion, something you have knowledge about and that way you won’t burn out.

I talk about burning out a lot, haha well, truth be told you gonna go about 3 – 6 months without making money from blogging and if you don’t carefully follow our guideline it can even take you years to make money from your blog.

So yeah you gotta have stamina to sustain you for about 3 months without that “wow” moment you’re waiting for. But from 6-12 months I guarantee you, you will go crush your work desk and raise your middle finger goodbye to your boss, and if you’re a boss, good thing you can drive an entire team into a bush. Okay don’t do that, what I mean to say is you will quit your day job once you start making cash.

Here’s a list of the 5 most profitable blog niches:

1. Making money online

Popularly known as MMO, its so popular because, you guessed it, everybody wants to be like Mike. This is the first of the most profitable blog niches and here’s why:

Everyone wants to be rich or at least make a living and this niche has high traffic from all over the world whether its a developing country where obviously people wants money to survive or a developed country where people wants more money to keep up with the expensive life style. Whatever the case everyone wants to make money and that too they find the internet as the cheapest means to do so.

I am gonna couple this niche with Personal Finance as you can blog about both in the same blog like most bloggers do. For an example website about personal finance and making money online check out making sense of cents and dollarsprout. These are great examples of successful bloggers in this niche.

2. Health and fitness

Never mind me y’all have once searched for a way to lose weight, or a quick way to have a six pack, or some big muscles. We all have imaging how many people are dieting in the world, imagine how many girls want to keep their bodies in shape, how many guys want abs.

Traffic is massive in this niche and also the affiliate programs associated with it have high commissions. If you know a bit about fitness, well there you have it, this is a niche for you. Become a personal trainer, end this post reading and go start your blog here.

3. Fashion

High traffic, that’s by far the best way to define this niche and also the high conversions. People searching for jewelry and all that are ready customers looking to buy something and if they don’t, well you have made enough money already from Ad revenue. If you like some subniche in the fashion industry go start a blog about it.

You can focus on a subniche you have knowledge about fashion is a broad niche you can’t blog about everything that’s under the sun. What if you could? Become an amazon clone but with affiliate links instead “whoooah eureka” don’t try that at home it doesn’t work people lose trust.

When people go through blogs they talk about “my go to guy for tech”. Imagine if you wrote a blog about everything how will your readers even nickname you, “Guardian of the galaxy” hell No.

Focus on a sub niche and build your brand from that.

4. Lifestyle blogs

A weird niche, and absurd traffic. People actually search about how they live while they’re living mmmmh am gonna start a lifestyle blog myself. Just kidding.

These blogs have high traffic. Yes enormous organic traffic and the types of blogs in these mega niche are:

  • Mommy blogs
  • Daddy blogs(just listed, never heard of a daddy blog, is it a thing …let me know in the comments)
  • Retirement
  • etc.

This blog is a little confusing, its actually possible to blog about everything people of a certain age group do.!!! its crazy right. Imagine writing about teenage lifestyle or early adulthood or anything, single mom blogs, guys anything about life, there’s guaranteed traffic for you.

5. Travel Blogs

This niche was once a legend, before covid came into place although it still stands as one of the most profitable blog niches. People love travelling and the best part is that the commission are so high you can even earn to $1k per sale. You don’t need a lot of traffic to make money yet there is a lot of traffic to do so.

If it wasn’t for the pandemic id have put this niche high up in the list. Every travels, and bloggers usually jackpots on holidays , the Easter, Christmas, etc.

Travel blogs are great especially if you’re also a traveler. You can blog about travelling as you travel….wait what?


There you have it, the most profitable blog niches to start blogging about and kindly note that all these niches are highly competitive and you have to optimize your website to rank on Google. Read this article and learn how to increase your website traffic.

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