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Usually, a page builder detects the overall looks of your website. Look at this one, if you head to our Home page, and you like it. Then no negotiations just choose Elementor, it is also the most popular page builder plugin on WordPress right now. If you don’t then here is the list of the best WordPress page builder plugins.

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WordPress websites are often much more customizable than their counterparts and this allows you to create your dream website without using any coding or having any programming experience.

WordPress also has a lot of themes, you will find them on the WordPress repository, Premium ones like Divi on their websites, and more custom-built themes on ThemeForest.

The themes on ThemeForest come with various functionalities. If you want a Job Hunting site, you will find one, a marketplace, and a lot more tools you can think of. So what is it you wanna create? If something is out of the od then visit Themeforest to get a theme tailored to that functionality you are looking for.

Before we begin this rollercoaster ride about WordPress page builders, let’s have a look at what we look for when searching for a page builder.


This is the most important feature to look out for when searching for your page builder. You are gonna need that ThemeForest theme of yours to integrate well with your page builder.

There are some page builders like Elementor that work well with almost every theme you buy on the internet. Elementor is really popular and most theme authors usually make sure that their products are compatible with Elementor.


You don’t want a website that doesn’t look like a website when it gets to a mobile screen. The page builder must be able to create elements that work well on all device viewports.

The page builder must have some advanced features to manage how grids dissolve when they get to the mobile screen.

The ability to change element behavior based on the device viewport allows you to make beautiful and responsive headers.

Builder Type

Most people prefer drag-and-drop, it’s pretty obvious why, most people using WordPress aren’t experts in programming. They want something that won’t make the development a living hell.

There are some people though, especially developers, who would want full control over how they build pages on their websites.

So in the builder-type argument, depends on your taste and knowledge. I am a full-stack developer and am too lazy to write code myself when there is a plugin that can do that. I think if you want full control over how your website looks, you shouldn’t be using WordPress in the first place. Go ASP.NetCore/Django/Laravel/… there’s an article we working on the top 10 web tech stacks for 2023.

1. Elementor Page Builder

The Plugin needs no introduction, every newbie has been told it is the best, and every how-to make a WordPress website article or video uses Elementor. When I started blogging I honestly thought it was the only plugin in the Milky Way galaxy, Andromeda too.

Enough with the Astronomy and praise, let’s look at what this plugin brings to the table.

elementor page builder
source: elementor

It brings everything to the table. It’s like you have a programmer AI you tell what to do and it obeys. It redefined the myth “you can’t customize a WordPress website to your taste”. At Elementor they say you can, and that too, just dragging and dropping your imagination to your reality.

This page builder is open source, good news for the devs, and some cool things non-devs want to hear.

It is really user-friendly, with no need for coding skills, all you have to know that’s near to coding is, knowing what a margin is.

The page builder gives you access to the mobile view and allows you to edit and change most elements of your website to a responsive form.

Elementor is compatible with almost every theme on WordPress. I think it’s safe to say, it is compatible with every theme available for WordPress. It is one of the first page builders so many themes were made to work well with it.

Why we recommend this page builder:
  • Elementor can work with any website you throw at it.
  • It has elements that load fast
  • it’s very easy to use
  • Has the most elements especially with the pro version.
  • Freebase plugin – $0/year
  • Essential Plan (1 site) – $49/year
  • Expert Plan (25 sites) – $199/year
  • Agency Plan (1000 sites) – $399/year

Elementor has a very competitive contender, read how it takes on the greatest page builder of all time. Elementor Vs Divi Page Builder Showdown.

2. Beaver Builder

Maybe before we start this one, let’s have a Wildlife quiz.

What are beavers good at?

If you can answer the question, then you will know the creators of this plugin didn’t name it cause they like beavers. I bet they named it after the best constructor animal on the planet and their plugin is aiming to continue the name legacy.

beaver builder
source: beaver builder

Beaver Page Builder, like elementor, can work with most websites. Beaver Builder goes neck on neck with Elementor, it’s like batman and the joker. Only in this case, Gotham city is your website. Who rules it? Depends on which plugin you like.

Beaver Builder elements also load fast, they are minified into a small packet that will increase your site load speed.

Beaver Builder is a WordPress website builder that’s great for developers. If your main website content is already written in HTML or CSS, then Beaver Builder may be the perfect page builder for you!

Why we recommend Beaver Builder:
  • It is has fast and efficient elements
  • It is compatible with most themes
  • Cheap when you buy the entire Beaver Package

Premium plans are available for $99/year, $199/year, and $399/year.

3. Divi Builder

Ever heard of the Divi theme? I’ve seen a lot of Ads about Divi on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t well then.

Divi is the most popular WordPress Premium theme. It has over a million downloads and that is special, considering the theme doesn’t have a free version. Completely free plugins ain’t even hitting those numbers!!

divi page builder
source: divi

Divi has made its reputation by providing elegant designs. The Divi theme just looks elegant, Its the Rolls Royce of themes. It is beautiful, the full package comes with other plugins to work with the theme and the Divi Page Builder is one of them.

This is a live drag-and-drop builder, super easy to use. In this one, you don’t even have to know what a margin is because even the spacing, you drag and drop, the margin or padding your want. You literally place anything anywhere you want with this plugin.

Comes with an awesome default color palette, am guessing as part of the elegance.

Now you might be thinking, “oh but it’s for the Divi theme only” Not it’s not, the Divi Page Builder can now work with any theme.

Judging from how good Divi websites look, you can imagine what you can do with the plugin. Add that elegance to your themeforest website.

The Divi website builder makes a website that looks good across all devices, even smartwatches, 🙂 not really but, all devices.

Why we recommend Divi Builder
  • A complete drag-and-drop interface for fast site creation
  • Powerful custom widgets for creating pages or posts quickly
  • Multiple layout options so you can choose what works best for your content
  • Clean Design of the plugin itself
  • Easiest to use


  • Yearly – $89 (including the theme)
  • Lifetime Access on unlimited sites – $249 (including the theme)

4. WP Bakery page builder

Take full control over your site – that is how they define the plugin at WPBakery.

The first time I knew about this plugin I was hunting for a theme on ThemeForest, and most of the themes I saw had. “Supported by Elementor, Beaver Builder and WPBakery”, that’s how compatible this website builder is.

wp bakery
source: wpbakery

When I first heard of the name, I thought its some restaurant plugin for managing orders or whatsoever but the plugin is actually for “Baking your WordPress website”.

The names of these plugins all seem to have a meaning, don’t they?

The WP Bakery page builder allows you to create beautiful websites quickly and easily with its visual drag-and-drop builder. You can add content boxes and images, customize fonts and colors, insert video backgrounds or images into posts or pages. Even your own custom CSS is accepted.

The best thing about this page builder is how easy it is to use! It is similar to the Divi builder, just without the colors.

Why we recommend WPBakery Website Builder.
  • Visual Drag and Drop builder makes it easy to use.
  • Plugin has been around for more than 10 years, and it has a strong community
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Strong template library
  • Regular – $56/year
  • Extended – $299/year

5. Themify Builder

Themify Builder is one of the most powerful WordPress website builders on the market. They say can build any layout imaginable on their landing page and they are not kidding.

themify builder
source: themify builder

It is also a drag and drop builder like most in this list, you can create beautiful professional looking websites in minutes. You can build a website from the ground up with a blank canvas to something that looks like it was designed by a UX designer with 5 years of experience.

Themify builder works well on most websites, but I recommend you use themify products if you’re gonna use this plugin. They have a lot of themes at Themify, I saw a beautiful music theme once, it looked out of this world.

Why we recommend Themify Builder
  • Easy to use drag and drop builder
  • A lot of customizations and personalization
  • Works well with the themify themes
  • Single Themes – $59/year
  • Master Club – $89/year
  • Lifetime Club – $249 forever

6. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

They had to name Page Builder, literally, well let’s see how page builder the page builder is.

source: siteorigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create beautiful, functional websites. It’s a drag-and-drop page builder that has many features, but it also comes with a free version so you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t want to.

It’s Black Friday to all freebie fanboys.

The premium version of this plugin allows users to build their own custom templates in addition to the pre-built ones available on the website builder site. The premium version provides access to more pre-built blocks and fonts that aren’t available in the free version.

Why we recommend Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  • Well we don’t the name is too long
  • It has a wide range of pre-built templates
  • It has a featureful free version
  • It’s completely free, I didn’t find a pricing page
  • Single – $29/year
  • Business – $49/year
  • Developer – $99/year

7. Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create custom pages using pre-made templates. You can also use the visual editor to add content to your page, which will be adjusted automatically by Visual Composer in real-time.

Hence the name “Visual” Composer!!

Visual Composer
source: visual composer

The Builder has a free and a premium version, and the best part is, there is no restrictions on how many projects you can on at once with the free tier. If you want more pro-level features you might want to consider upgrading.

Why we recommend Visual Composer
  • Has a ridiculous amount of templates and blocks
  • The editing is visual, you see the changes you make instantly
  • Hundreds of content elements to make your website unique
  • Have pop-ups included
  • Insights Analysis tool to skyrocket your rankings
  • 1 website – $49/year
  • Plus (5 websites) – $99/year
  • Accelerate(20 websites) – $149/year
  • Agency(1000 website) – $349/year

8. Brizy

They have a reputation for having a zero learning curve. You are born knowing how to use this plugin, it is really beginner friendly, you don’t even need WordPress skills to use it.

brizy builder
source: brizy

Brizy’s interface is built on the idea of modularity, you can choose from multiple page templates in different colors or backgrounds, then customize each template by adding your own content or images.

Once you’ve created your pages, they’re easily editable through the backend of your site.

No need for any coding wizardry!

Why we recommend Brizy Page Builder
  • It is really simple and easy to use
  • Mobile responsive
  • Huge template library
  • Sync content between different sites
  • Personal(1 website) – $149 – Lifetime
  • Freelancer(100 websites) – $299 – Lifetime
  • Agency(500 websites) – $399 – Lifetime

9. Thrive Architect

thrive architect
source: thrive architect

Thrive Architect is a drag-and-drop builder that lets you build beautiful, visually impressive, and engaging content layouts. In theory.

And yeah that’s practically what they do, the plugin is really impressive and easy to use. It lets you design websites really fast because of the drag-and-drop simplicity.

Thrive Architect comes with a library of pre-built templates, you can create beautiful landing pages with zero coding knowledge.

Design like an Architect and make professional-looking websites in minutes.

Why we recommend Thrive Architect
  • The pre-built template library is large
  • Allows you to develop websites fast
  • Best at building landing pages
  • Blog Post Elements

$299/year and get the entire thrive suite (really good deal)

The site consists of 9 plugins, go find out more at Thrive Themes.


We hope you’re as excited about these WordPress website builders as we are! There are so many great options to choose from and those we just listed are one of the best.

But one thing remains constant, if you want to build a website that looks and feels professional, you need a good content management system (CMS) that can keep up in the fast-paced world of modern web design.

And if you want to get started quickly, try WordPress, learn how to start a profitable blog here

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