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We help startups and small business get traction.

Our main goal is to guide startups and small online business to growth. We have guides on marketing, software business tools and startup hacks.


We make running a startup or Online Business Easy for you.

We know it can be hard and intimidating to manage a business or grow your startup. Our blog has a full series of tutorials, hacks, guide and tips to help you overcome dips that will stand in your way when growing your business. 

We have a team of business coaches and marketing experts to assist you in anyway possible, feel free to comment on our posts or directly hit our mail box we will happily reply to you and the best part, it’s free.


Most of the time your business isn’t growing not because it’s a bad product, its because you don’t market it. Stop adding features to your startup and focus more on getting your first pool of users and upgrade as you go based on customer feedback – it’s that simple.

As a founder of a startup you also have to be great at storytelling, not only will it boost your marketing, your startup will become an inspiration to other people.

Content that Walks, Talks & Sells for you

Most People underestimate the importance of content marketing in running a succesful online business, not only online but any kind of business. Lyncteck has a content marketing series that will guide you to creating a profitable blog.

Not only will a content plan increase your sells, it can also generate extra revenue for your business through affiliate marketing, Google AdSense – just to name a few.

Are you ready – Here’s how to start a profitable blogging business

Content Marketing alone isn’t Enough.

We teach how to fully utilize all marketing strategies of the modern day. Here’s a short list – just naming a few!

Learn untold Startup Stories Through Our Lync Forensics series

In this series we investigate other startups on how they ran or are running their business and give our verdict! It’s interest you better stick around.

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